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The Sickest and Best Build Zilong Mobile Legends 2021

Zilong is a hero whose age is quite old. Even that hero existed when the first season of Mobile Legends began.

Zilong is Mobile Legends’ most powerful battle hero. With his flagship weapon, namely a spear, Zilong has a deactivation skill that is especially annoying for heroes like Fanny, Harley, Ling, Lancelot and other runaway heroes.

Though the selection rate has dropped, Moonton has made several makeovers or redesigns to restore the charm of this fighter hero. In other words, Zilong became increasingly popular with players from Epic to Mythical Glory levels.

zilong mobile legends 2

One of his special abilities is Skill 1 (Spear Flip), which lifts the opponent behind you. That makes assassin heroes and soft heroes like mages or supporters the main target of this Mobile Legends battle hero.

Now this time we’re going to discuss the recommendations for the best build items from Zilong Mobile Legends, along with the emblems and battle spells that come from the top 1 Global Indonesia Mobile Legends. This recommendation was made specifically so that Zilong’s hero would be strong enough from early game to late game.


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Build the best Zilong Mobile Legends items


1. Fast boots

These shoes accelerate the rotational force of this zilong. It would be nice if this hero was played in the off-lane / sidelane (exp lane) position. The given passive ability is +90 movement speed so don’t forget to do rotation or ganking after you hit level 4 guys!

2. Wind speaker

With the addition of Wind Talker, which has a movement speed of 20%, a critical chance of 10% and an attack speed of 40%, this will give Zilong a significant advantage if the passives of Rapid Boots are also added.

Zilong in terms of movement speed will be the first reinforcement for your team in terms of attack. However, if you get hit by ganking, just click ulti for a quicker rescue.

3. Blade of Heptaseas

Blade of Heptaseas is very suitable for use on Zilong. Because the offensive item can increase 250 HP and 70 physical attack. Blade of Heptaseas can also grant 15 physical penetration.

From here, the physical penetration bonus can increase the accumulated damage generated by Zilong and becomes more painful with the help of Zilong’s second skill called Spear Strike.

4. Scarlet Phantom

The fourth item is the Scarlet Phantom. Scarlet Phantom has attributes, namely +30 Physical ATK, + 20% Attack Speed, which will be very useful for that one fighter hero.

In addition, it causes enormous critical damage with + 25% crit chance and additional passive Zilong skills.

5. Berseker’s furry

Passive Berserker’s Fury offers a 65 percent critical chance. Equipped with Scarlet Phantom, it increases attack speed and triggers more critical hits. This will allow Zilong to farm more efficiently and help with team fights.

Essentially, Berseker’s Furry + Scarlet Phantom will complement Zilong’s Passive and deal massive damage to Ulti.

6. Endless struggle

This endless battle can add a lot of stats namely: +65 Physical Attack +25 Mana Regeneration +250 HP + 10% Cooldown Reduction + 5% Movement Speed ​​+ 15% Life Steal

Passive Endless Combat deals 60% true damage. In addition to real damage effects, Endless Battle itself offers lifestyle and cooldown skills that help Zilongi with team fights. Endless Battle’s additional true damage depends on your overall physical attack.


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Recommendation of the Zilong emblem


You will need to use the Assassin Emblem to maximize the abilities of the six Zilong build items above.

Level 1: Use 3x Agility Points to give Zilong’s hero movement speed.

Level 2: You can use Invasion 3x to add 18.50 Physical PENs. With the physical PEN and + 9.00% movement speed, it will be very useful in the early game, even in the late game.

Level 3: Use Bounty Hunters so every kill scored adds 30% gold extra, up to 15 kills.

Zilong combat spells

Execute is an excellent choice with the included item effects and emblems.

Zilong’s combo is to run Ulti first, followed by Skill 2 and then Skill 1. It’s okay, stick to Run if the enemy’s target HP is below 20%.

These are some tips for building Zilong items, along with recommendations for emblems and battle spells from Top 1 Global. Good luck, dear league players!

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