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The power of Aldous Fighter is strong in Mobile Legends

Aldous Fighter is strong in Mobile Legends is currently experiencing an increase in the number choose from para player. Aldous himself was very creepy with his fist right from the start of his discharge Superpower. He can kill snipers, mages, or assassins with just one blow when he walks in late game. Then Aldous has too defense strong enough to withstand attacks bertahan hero Opponent.

At first glance, Aldous looks like a monster boy with a torn blue shirt. His face wore a gold mask covered with a blue cap, with large hands like flaming mountain gava. On the legs it looks like a monster with black and red legs that burn like embers. hero that can player have it by typing 32000. pay Battle points or 599 diamonds (+ skins).


Contract: Transform is a passive skill of his that is 100% damage on Basic attack. This ability is also there sign that takes 3 seconds Shield effect For 5 seconds. Then there is Contract: theft of souls that deals 100 (+ 100%) damage Total physical ATK) Physical harm. This is Aldous’s first ability to use cooling down 5 seconds and where are the costs 60 for single use.

Next there is Contract: Exploison what gives damage by 200 (+ 40% Total physical ATK) Physical harm. This is Aldous’s second ability with cooling down 12 seconds and where are the costs 80 for single use. This skill also has an effect numb On the enemy who is the target of the attack for 0.5 seconds. In addition, these two skills also serve to reduce damage it gets 50% and lasts 2 seconds.


Last Contract: Chase Fate whereby Aldous flew to a target even though it was far away. This ultimate skill gives 400 (+ 100% total physical ATK) plus 10% of the target’s maximum HP. Has this ultimate ability cooling down for 60 seconds with where are the costs 150 per single use. Basic damage this skill is 400 at level 1 and 700 at maximum level (level 3).

Aside from great skills, Aldous also has some cool skins with different boxes. First there Red coat what is a skin basic from Aldous and at a price of 269 Diamonds. Then there is death that’s his elite skin for 599 Diamonds to buy permanently. Next there is The insensate one what is a skin Starlight by Aldous, last July 2021. Finally there is a rare skin with a caste M1 This is a limited time event skin that looks like an epic skin.


Lots player Mobile Legends on season These 15 who switched to Aldous and got Winning streak. In fact, Aldous is even sometimes even forbidden because it scares sniper, mage and assassin users. Because, three Role heroes that’s what Aldous eats to eat kill in the game. Aldous can be combined with the Fighter or Assassin emblem to add it damage from his super strong bump.

Aldous Fighter is strong in Mobile Legends who is currently used by as the main hero Player season 15. So popular, he always shows up Ranked games either of the small level or the large level. According to Gamers, is Aldous eligible to be a lead in playing Mobile Legends?

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