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The position of the clam, which reflects the Genshin impact, is found here

the location of the clam echoes Genshin Impact – For those of you Genshin Impact Game players, let’s follow and finish the Echoes of a story event right away.

If you successfully complete every mission in the event “Echo of a Story”, you will be rewarded with a new costume from Barbara.

In addition to Barbara’s new “Summer Sparkle” costume, you will also receive other interesting gifts.

This is how you get the Barbara Summer Sparkle costume

Barbara’s new costume “Summer Sparkle is coming soon. This costume will surely interest you very much.

The way to this Genshin Impact costume is also very easy for you.

All you have to do is take part in the “Echo of a Story” event.

In addition, if you take part in this event you have the advantage that you receive Barbara’s “Summer Sparkle” costume free of charge.

Again, all you have to do is end the current event. After this event, “Summer Sparkle” will definitely be present in the costume shop.

But the price of this costume is quite expensive.

So complete the mission and get the Barbara Summer Sparkle costume.

Then where do you find resounding shells?

L.okasi KEong B.ergema Genshin mempakt

Immediately collect as many echoing shells as possible and get Barbara’s newest costume.

For this echo snail there is the possibility that only 5 echo snails are made available daily. But don’t worry because every time you update the echoing snail adds more.

the location of the clam echoes Genshin Impact
the location of the clam echoes Genshin Impact

For the location, you can listen to the following islands.

Because the location of the first and second echo mussels is on the Pudding Isle. More precisely on the rock around the collapsed building.

For the second echoing shell around the teleporter. There is an option that is on the side or back of the teleport. You can take it right away because it’s very easy in this part.

The third and fourth Echo Shell locations are on Twining Isle

From the teleport you can immediately turn left to get to the island where the echoing clam is located. The echoing shell lies on the rock.

For the fourth echo screw position, you can go back down to the island below. A bit difficult to get, though. Because you have to defeat the enemy first. The position of the echoing clam is around the enemy.

The last location of the echoing clam was in Broken Isle. After teleporting to the Broken Isle, you can call the ship immediately. Because to get to the place of the echoing shell, a boat trip is required.

After you reach the rock, climb a little further and grab the echoing clam. If the echoing clam cannot be retrieved and is still in a fighting state, climb a little further first and look for a chest.

When it’s back and take the last echoing clam

This is the echoing clam position in Genshin Impact, hopefully it will be useful!

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