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The new hero Chong can transform into a dragon in Mobile Legends | Games – Moonton re-released a new hero named Chong on Advance Server Mobile Legends. Although some time ago they released a new hero Popol and Kupa on the original server. In our opinion, Chong is more like Kaido in the One Piece anime because he can transform into a dragon.

After this update, it means that there are already two heroes on the pre-server that were not published on the original server, namely Chong and Luo Yi. After we tried it, this new fighting hero turned out to have a very cool animation effect folks.

Chong can transform into a giant flying dragon that deals damage and CC when it hits an enemy. What’s worse, Chong has 4 main skills that we can use to attack a lot of enemies.

Hero Statistics

Chong's new hero stats
The new hero stats from Chong ML. Photo: TeknoGengID

Chong is a fighter hero who has a special charge / damage. The stats are more or less the same as for heroes in general. He has a very high durability and offensive. So that the attack is great and can withstand the damage that is done to it.

With statistics like this, Chong is very well placed to act as offlaners like Thamuz, X.Borg, and Uranus. Additionally, Chong has an ability effect that is very effective in performing his role as a fighter / offlaner.

Chong’s new hero skills

This hero is quite unique compared to battle heroes in general. Because Chong has 4 active skills and 1 passive skill. Let’s take a look at each of the following skills.

Passive Skill: Cursing Touch

Chong's new passive hero ability
Chong’s Passive Skill – Curse Touch. Photo: TeknoGengID

Every time Chong attacks, he gives the opponent a stack called Sha Essence. After reaching 6 stacks, the opponent suffers physical damage every 0.8 seconds until the stack is used up. The stack disappears one by one when the enemy takes damage from this passive ability.

The physical formula of this Chong stack is 50 + (10% Total Physical ATK) + 2% HP of the enemy lost.

Chong’s passive ability is also pretty sadistic, Gang. Because Chong gains HP regeneration of 25% of his lost HP when his opponent dies with Stack sha Essence. In addition, Chong gains an additional 25% movement speed.

Skill 1: Dragon Tail

Ability 1 Chong – Dragon Tail. Photo: TeknoGengID

Not only does Chong have a passive skill which is a bit outrageous, but also Skill 1 which is very annoying. This skill turns Chong’s cloak into a weapon. When we activate this skill, it spins and the enemies around it are subjected to physical damage.

However, enemies in the middle of this skill only take 40% damage. That way, if we use it too close to the enemy, this skill will be less effective.

Skill 2: Soul Grip

Skill 2 Chong – Soul Grip. Photo: TeknoGengID

In addition to having high HP regeneration from his passive, Chong also has abilities rich in crowd control. The second skill has a mechanism like the Ultimate Atlas skill. Enemies hit with this skill gain an aura link.

After a few seconds, the enemy receiving the link will be attracted to Chong and take physical damage. The enemy also gains a 40% slow effect for 1 second.

Skill 3: Angry Dive

Skill 3 Chong – Furious Dive. Photo: TeknoGengID

Chong jumps in the direction we indicated and the opponent in that skill area is hit by a physical attack. Then they get a flip effect for 1 second. With this ability, Chong is a fighter who has a pretty good initiator ability with this ability.

Ultimate ability: Black Dragon Form

Chong’s Ultimate Skill – Black Dragon Shape. Photo: TeknoGengID

This ability makes Chong more Kaido because he can transform into a giant dragon full of darkness. He will be in this mode for 5 seconds. More surgery, he becomes immune to the effects of CC.

Enemies hit by a dragon are affected by physical damage and mini-stun. Chong ignores the terrain, be it walls or even bases. But anyway, gang, he can still be attacked. But now this mode is still a bug.

We can press this skill again to exit dragon mode or wait 5 seconds to exit this mode. After that, Chong transforms into half a dragon man that lasts 10 seconds.

In this form, Chong’s 2nd and 3rd abilities in terms of damage and attack area are increased. We think this skill is good enough to start a war or flee.

The last word

In our opinion, the new hero Chong Mobile Legends is pretty OP. It has high HP regeneration, DPS, is rich in CC capabilities, and has high durability. It is possible that his role can replace Thamuz and Uranus, who are currently the strongest Offlaners.

Chong’s new hero will continue to be balanced by Moonton before finally being released on the original server. Don’t let the hero be too OP or too weak, so you have to balance. Most likely, Chong will be released to the original Mobile Legends server in June.

What do you think of this Chong hero, gang? Have you tried this hero yet? Write your opinion in the comment column.