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The Most Build Powerful Diggie Tank in Mobile Legend

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Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I will be doing the most Haram Diggie Tank Build in the M2 Mobile Legends Tournament.

The most built Haram Diggie tank in M2

Diggie is a support hero who specializes in Guard Poke, which offers a lot of crowd control and is easy to use. Diggie has Skill 1 that can throw Owl Alert in a specific direction that can chase enemies and deal damage and have a slow effect. In addition, Diggie has Skill 2 that can bind enemies and retreat to a predetermined location. Diggie also has the ultimate ability to shield him and his teammates around him and becomes immune to the 3 second crowd control effect. Although Diggie is a support hero, in the M2 tournament, Diggie is used as a tank to overpower the enemy. Here is the most built Haram Diggie tank in the M2 Mobile Legend Tournament. Have a look at this!

The following items are Hero Diggie Timekeepers.

Courage mask
The first item in this Diggie build is a Courage Mask item. This item is a room item that can add HP and reduce cooldown reduction. User support has to buy this item so that your main hero can get a lot of gold because when we use this item we can’t get anything from minions and creeps if there are teammates around us who don’t buy this item. Although this item can’t get gold from minions or creeps, this item has one that can give EXP and gold on a timescale. The usefulness of this item not only increases HP and cooldown reduction, but can also increase the movement speed of it and about 30% of a team’s hero, allowing you to run away or chase enemies. So this item is suitable for Diggie as it can help the core team hero to make the item go fast.

Robust boots
The second item in Build Diggie is a Tough Boots item. This shoe item is a shoe that can reduce magical damage, increase magical defense, and also increase Diggie’s movement speed. These shoes can also shorten the duration of crowd control for Diggie so that he is not easily affected by the enemy hero’s CC effect and can also add magical defense so that he can toughen himself up against enemy magical attacks.

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Fleeting time
The third item in Build Diggie is an item of fleeting time. Items are magical items that can do additional magical damage and a reduction in cooldown time. Additionally, this item can also provide an instant reduction in cooldown after being eliminated or assisted. So this item needs to be used by Diggie in order for Diggie’s ultimate cooldown to be fast so that it can be reused.

Athena’s shield
The fourth item in Build Diggie is Athena’s shield. This item is a defense item that can provide extra HP and magical defense and HP regeneration. Not only does this item need to be used by the Diggie hero for extra HP and magical defense, it can also provide a shield that can absorb the opponent’s damage so that Diggie cannot be easily defeated. This shield also gets stronger as the game progresses. With this article, Diggie is not easily eliminated.

Dominance ice
The fifth item in Build Diggie is Dominance Ice. This item is a defense item that provides mana, physical defense and also movement speed. This item can also slow down the next enemy Hero’s movement and attack speed. With this item, Diggie can help the team weaken the opponent’s hero so that it can easily eliminate the opponent. This item must be used as a tanker by Diggie as it can increase defense while reducing the enemy’s movement and attack speed.

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The final item in Build Diggie is an immortality item. This item is a defense item and must be used by Diggie as this item will allow you to level up again after a defeat. Hence, this item is also clearly mandatory in order to provide additional HP as well as physical defense. You can protect your team’s heroes by sacrificing them, but this item can help come back to life after defeat. So you can buy immortality because aside from defending yourself, it’s just in case you are rounded up by the enemy.

This is the most commonly built Haram Diggie tank in M2 Mobile Legend

The most illegal Diggie tank item in M2

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