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The meaning of US defeat that beginners need to know

The importance of Defeat in Among US – Game Among Us has actually been on the rise lately. There have been many Youtubers or streamers who have reviewed and played this game among us, especially on Discord

That’s why many get curious and have finally decided to try this game among us.

Some people who play Among Us are completely new and have no understanding of how to play Among Us. There are even some players who still don’t understand what losing in the game means among us.

Meaning of death in Between US
Meaning of death among us

Therefore we are now explaining to you the meaning of defeat in the game between us.

Meaning of death in among us

Defeat is an English word that translates into Indonesian as “to lose”. If the word Loss appears on your phone screen while playing Among Us, it means you lost Among Us.

On the other hand, when it says ?? victory ?? If you play the Among Us game it means you did manage to win the game.

If you are in the role of the impostor, you must kill all crew members to win the game.

And if you play the role of a crew member, you have to complete the mission and catch the cheater, that is, if the crew member is defeated, the cheater gets the victory and vice versa.

You will not automatically lose if you are killed in the Among Us game. If your crewmate friends complete the mission successfully or win the Impostor, you can achieve victory too.

If your impostor friend manages to kill a crew member, you will still get victory.

So that you do not defeat among us

In order to avoid losing or losing, the first thing to understand is your role. There are two roles in Among Us, namely impostor and crewmate.

We will randomly choose which player will act as the cheat and which as a crew member.

  • So that you don’t defeat when you become a crew member

In order not to be defeated when you become a crew member, you will have to complete all the missions assigned to you. Even if you become a ghost, you can accomplish the mission that you have.

If you already have a player that you can trust as a crew member, you can complete missions with that player. Because Impostor usually targets crew members who are alone on missions

Don’t trust other players so easily because in the game between us the Impostors will definitely try to slander the crew members. If there isn’t enough evidence to arrest the cheater, then skip the voting instead of accusing your friend of being a crew member.

  • So that you don’t defeat when you become a scammer

The role of a cheater is very challenging, so a lot of people want to play a role as a cheater in the game among us. If you don’t want to defeat when you become an impostor, you have to mingle with other crew members.

You can pretend you’re completing missions so crew members don’t suspect you are a cheat. When killing, make sure there are no players or video surveillance around you. Don’t just walk into the vent, as later on there could be a crew member who catches you stepping out or stepping on the vent.

Well, that is the meaning of losing the game between us. Hopefully the few tips we gave above can help you achieve a victory in the game among us. So much to write about the importance of defeat in Among Us this time around, hopefully it’s useful!

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