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The latest update for the worst Harley build 2021 Harley turns into a crazy magician-assassin role

Hi folks, welcome back to Bangudinpro Review, thank you guys!
Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time around, I’ll be giving Harley’s latest build as the Strongest mage-assassin role in Mobile Legends.

Injured Harley Build

Harley is a magician hero whose role has been reworked into a medium difficulty magician assassin. With the role of Harley changed from Moonton to a mage assassin, Harley is used by every mobile legend player today as it has very fatal damage. Harley’s Cause is often used because of its exceptional damage-ability. In addition, Harley has the ultimate ability to captivate opponents with deadly magic. These Harley skill combo tips use Skill 2 which can move in the given direction to target the enemy. Then use the ultimate skill in combination with skill 1 to deal maximum damage to maximize the final damage of that skill so that the enemy with just 1 combo. Harley now has great damage and now Harley often because she has very overpowering damage. With this ability, Harley can become a Midlaner damage mage. Here I give you the worst Harley Mage Assassin build, check it out.

Here are the items for Hero Harley the Mage Genius.

Shards of stars
The first item in this Harley build is a Star Shard. This item is a jungle item that can deal high damage to minions and jungles, so it will be faster when you farm. In addition, this item can also provide additional magical power, mana, and magical lifesteal. The next basic attack does real damage and also causes a slow effect on the enemy. Thus, this article is suitable for Harley Gaess.

Magical shoes
The second item in Build Harley has magical shoes. Now this shoe item can reduce the cooldown. So this item is made for Harley Heroes to make Harley’s cooldown abilities faster so that those who can use abilities more often can provide maximum damage skills. For those of you who want to use this Harley hero, you can use this Magic Shoes item, guys.

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Lightning stick
The third item in this Harley build is Lightning Truncheon. This item is a magical damage item that must be used by Harley. With this item, Harley can generate extra DPS if they manage to damage the enemy with your skills, the damage can make guys ricochet. In addition, this item offers additional mana and cooldown reductions, making it really suitable for this Harley.

Glowing wand
The fourth item in Build Harley has a glowing wand. This item is suitable for Harley as it has the ability to deal additional damage that causes a burn or fire effect on damaged enemies for 3 seconds. Obtaining this item and using a skill on a dying enemy will definitely eliminate the enemy as this glowing wand item does extra burn damage and can increase if it re-deals damage to the same hero for all Harley skills in a short amount of time.

Concentrated energy
The fifth item in this Harley build is concentrated energy. This item must be used by Harley as not only can it add magical power and HP, but it also provides magical life steal. With this article, Harley receives a magical lifesteal that is very important for a core mage hero like this Harley. In addition, if Harley can defeat the enemy, this item can provide additional magical life steal. This item has to be used by heroes like Harley, guys. So with the help of this article, gumon is not an easy one to get rid of.

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Holy crystal
The final item in this Harley build is Holy Crystal. This item is a high power magical item that can significantly increase damage and can also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Harleys, which can do a lot of damage to the enemy guys.

This is the New Build Harley that Strongs

harley objects Strong

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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