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The best tank hero in Mobile Legend 2021

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Today I am sure to provide more information on Mobile Legends. This time around, we’re going to discuss the 5 best tank heroes and their build recommendations for Season 17 of Mobile Legend. Have a look at this !!.

Here are the 5 best tank heroes in Mobile Legend

1. Uranus

Uranus hero

Uranus is a Rain Special Tanker Hero that is very annoying this season. Uranus has an ability that HP can continually regenerate so it’s not easy to beat. Uranus has abilities that can quickly regenerate its HP and increase its abilities. Uranus has ability 2 that can move to a specific location and produce energy shield and explode, dealing damage to the enemy. In addition, Uranus has an Ultimate Ability that can regenerate its HP and increase its strength. The gameplay of Hero Uranus as an offline is pretty simple, it’s just about keeping the tower safe and trying to cut through the minions in the enemy line to make it harder for the enemy and excite the enemy buff to get the enemy to lure us so that our team can push the enemy tower. So it is a hero bar that overwhelms the opponent, because in addition to its big HP, it also has a very fast HP regeneration.

Build Uranus

Uranus hero items

2nd atlas

Atlas hero

Atlas is a hero tanker specializing in crowd control initiators, which is extremely durable and easy to use. Atlas has ability 1 that can hit the ground and cause 3 explosions and magical damage. In addition, Atlas also has Skill 2, which switches to eject mode, increases movement speed, and is immune to slowing effects. After they meet, Atlas returns to the mecha, dealing magical damage to nearby enemies and causing a stun effect. Atlas also has the ultimate skill that can throw and channel chains at all surrounding enemy heroes, causing a slow effect. When this skill is used again while in the channeling state, the atlas will pull the target towards itself and throw it in a predetermined location, dealing magical damage to it.

Create an atlas

Atlas hero items

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3. Hylos

Hylos hero

Hero Hylos is a tank hero who has the highest durability among other tank heroes and is easy to use. Hylos is one of the best armored vehicles on the phone as it has decent damage in addition to great durability. This hylos has ability 2 that can continuously damage the area around enemy heroes and ability 1 that can stun the enemy. In addition, Hylos has the ultimate ability to create a path in the specified direction and give Hylos and his teammates speed of movement along the way. This is Hylos’ special ability that works very well in team fights and makes him one of the best tank drivers in Mobile Legend.

Build Hylos

hylos hero items

4. Chufra

Hero Chufra

Khufra is a hero tanker who specializes in frequently used initiators for crowd control. Khufra has ability 1 that can pull the bandage on his arm to jump in a predetermined direction and inflict air bones on the enemy he hits. In addition to this, Khufra also has Skill 2, which wraps itself in a Magic Bounce Ball and increases its physical and magical defense. Enemies who attempt to move past Khufra using the Blink Skill will be affected by the Airbone Effect. Khufra also has the ultimate ability to pull all enemy targets around him forward and cause a slow effect. If the enemy affected by this skill hits a wall, they will be stunned, which was previously a slow effect.

Build Chufra

khufra hero items

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5. Bavaria

bayia hero

Baxia is a tank hero specializing in support damage that has high durability and is easy to use. Baxia is a tanker that can reduce the regeneration effect of enemies hit by its abilities and can become the best counterattack for heroes with a high regeneration effect. This baxia has ability 1 which can spin the wheel forward at will and stuns the first target it hits. Also, Baxia has Skill 2, which can throw its shield forward when the shield hits the same enemy repeatedly, reducing the cooldown. Baxia also has the ultimate ability to create lava trails along the way and increase its movement speed and give the opponent a slow effect.

Build Baxia

baxia hero items

Okay come here first guys! Next, I’m going to give you more information about mobile legend heroes. If there are any suggestions as to which hero guides you would like to discuss, you can contact me using the contact form below. I’ll check out the hero guides later, ok!
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