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The best and worst Chou item in Mobile Legends 2021

Chou is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who is very popular due to his flexibility, can be used as a tank or a fighter / assassin. This has become a fact as Chou’s ability and rotation will greatly aid your team’s gameplay skills in achieving victory.

In terms of mechanics, this one hero is pretty difficult to play. player Got to quick hand, Split push, wait for the right time and do a solo kill or steal the kill core during team fight. Seasoned players can make good use of Chou’s crowd control, maximizing damage for team fights and solo kills.

Now this time we are going to discuss the recommendations for the best and newest chou build items along with their emblems and battle spells taken from the top 1 Global Indonesia Mobile Legends. This recommendation was made specifically so that Chou’s hero would be strong enough from early game to late game.


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Build the best Chou Mobile Legends items


1. Warrior boots

Shoes That Should Be Present When Using Chou The stats and abilities of this item give +22 armor, a unique passive ability that is +40 movement speed, +5 armor when attacked by an enemy, maximum 25 points and only active for 3 seconds.

2. Blade of Despair

The next step is to buy Blade of Despair (BOD). It em Burst will have a pretty terrible impact on Chou +170 Physcall Attack and added bonus damage to enemies with HP below 50%.

3. Endless struggle

Endless combat deals 60% true damage. In addition to the true damage effect, Endless Battle itself offers life-stealing and cooldown abilities that help Chou in war. Endless Battle’s additional true damage depends on your overall physical attack.

BOD + Endless Battle increases its passive, namely Only Fast. After Chou moves every 8 meters, the next auto attack deals 200% damage (cannot be critical) and slows the enemy by 80% for a short time.

So after you create a BOD item, Endless Battle is highly recommended for the next item!

4. Wind speaker

With the Wind Talker, Chou can do a pretty quick rotation. In addition, Chou can split push to rub your opponent to waste your enemy’s time.

5. Brute force breastplate

This item’s passive allows Chou to use skills or basic attacks, with an additional 3% movement speed and 4 points of physical magic defense. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times. This means that there is an additional movement speed of up to 15% and a physical & magical defense of up to 20 points.

To get the maximum stack we need to use a skill or basic attack 5 times in a row.

With the WindTalker and the Brute Force Chestplate this will surely increase the defensive aspect and also the quick rotation enough to make it difficult for the opponent.

6. Immortality

This item is very important as it allows Chou to survive higher up.


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Chou emblem recommendation


You’ll need to use the Assassin Emblem to maximize the abilities of the six chou build items above.

Level 1: Use 3x agility points to increase the movement speed of Chou’s heroes.

Level 2: You can use Invasion 3x to add 18.50 Physical PENs. With the physical PEN and + 9.00% movement speed, it will be very useful in the early game, even in the late game.

Tier 3: High and Dry increases damage by 6% and is an interesting choice, especially for By 1 in the early game until the end of the match.

Combat spell Chou

For Chou’s Battle Spells, use Flicker to perform a combo with his ultimate ability. This is useful for initiators or hunting down enemies.

These are some tips for building Chou items along with their recommendations for emblems and battle spells. Good luck, dear league players!

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