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The 8 best mage heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) in Season 16

One of the most controversial roles in Mobile Legends is magician. This is because it’s not too difficult to use, but it can do quite a bit of blast damage. Some magicians also have very annoying crowd control skills, such as: B. Slow down or stun. In the hands of professional gamers, these mage heroes can get the most out of battles in Mobile Legends (ML).

There are currently 28 Mages in Mobile Legends to play. However, not all of them have pure mage types, some are mages / supporters, mages / assassins, mages / shooters, and mages / fighters. This time around, Kabar Games will be giving recommendations for the 8 best mage heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) that will be very useful for the Push Rank in Season 16.



Old but gold, this term is very well suited to be pinned to Gord. This hero was reworked a few seasons ago and made him one of the most dangerous magicians in Mobile Legends. His Mystic Projectile ability often makes enemies difficult because it gives a stun effect for a while.

Also, Mystic Gush, Gord’s ultimate ability, is the most painful distance skill among all mages as it does enormous damage. In addition, Gord’s ultimate will be very useful when team fights occur, very rarely the enemy can escape Gord.


The best Harley magician in Mobile Legends

Harley is the younger brother of Marksman Lesley, currently Harley has gone from being a pure magician to being a magician / assassin because he can chase opponents away from unexpected places with deadly attacks. Harley is also one of the agile magicians as he can easily move from one place to another thanks to his space escape ability.

Harley can continuously inflict damage, which is very effective at stopping enemy carry heroes from moving. Deadly Magic, Harley’s ultimate ability, is capable of massive burst damage, especially in the late game. It is not wrong that many gamers make Harley a carry hero.



Besides Kagura, Lunox is a hero with many skills in Mobile Legends. With two dark and light modes, Lunox can spend different skills and ultimate abilities in each mode. Lunox is also often used as a midlaner carry hero, it is not uncommon for this hero to make the opponent’s carry hero difficult with his combination of skills.

Power of Order Brilliance, the ultimate Light Mode skill, makes you immune to all control and damage from the crowd and can inflict great damage on enemies. While the Power Of Chaos Darkening, which is the ultimate skill in the dark, will make Lunox very terrible as it can do tremendous damage.



Guinevere is the younger brother of Assassin Lancelot, he is the first mage / fighter hero in Mobile Legends. As a magician / fighter, Guinevere is dependent on melee attacks with a high attack speed and is very suitable as an offlaner, as he has a very high mobility.

Although Guinevere relies on melee attacks, it can deal very high magical damage with each attack. The Magic Thump and Violet Requiem combo skills are very much feared by opponents, as they can kill opponents with just one combo attack in the late game.


Harith Mage Best Mobile Legends

Currently, Harith is the strongest mage in Mobile Legends. Just like Harley, Harith has exceptional agility, making it quite difficult for opponents to catch him. While this hero is often nerfed, Harley remains one of the best magicians in Mobile Legends (ML) and is often the first choice at major tournaments.

In addition to being highly agile, Harith can do a lot of damage, especially if he takes out the Age of Force skill which is his ultimate ability. Enemies trapped in the Age of Power slow down, making it very easy for Harith to attack with high blast damage. Harith is also the only mage who can perform critical attacks.



This hero was forgotten as his skills were not considered useful due to a nerf. The worst part about this hero is that there is a pretty big nerf on the Advance server that doesn’t make it very useful when it is published on the main server. However, Valir’s popularity rose again after receiving a makeover.

Valir is often used as an offlaner or support as it has very annoying crowd control and has high burst damage with a very wide attack range. Even so, as a pure magician, he can also be a very terrible magician.



Almost like Valir, this hero was forgotten as he was considered quite stiff and difficult to escape during a team fight. After Pharsa was redesigned some time ago, it is often the best choice and recently became the main choice when MPL 5 increased the popularity of this one mage.

In the early game, the Curse Of Crow skill can inflict significant damage on opponents, making it difficult for them to approach Pharsa. In addition, the Wings By Wings ability, Pharsa’s ultimate ability, will deal enormous burst damage with a very large area. If the team is fighting, Pharsa can also escape easily, as the effectiveness of the Feathered Air Raid skill has been increased.


Cecilion the best mage in Mobile Legends

Since the beginning of its release until now, Cecilion has remained one of the strongest mage heroes due to its enormous damage. By having a high stack in the late game, Cecilion can damage Bat Impact and Bats Feast’s abilities, which are very large and unreasonable.

However, some drawbacks that many users complain about are the huge mana consumption and the Bat Impact ability, which has no attack flexibility. Hopefully Cecilion will get a revision of this skill in the future. As long as Cecilion is able to keep the correct distance, he is currently considered the strongest hero mage.

This is the best Mage Mobile Legends (ML) review for Season 16 of 2021. Who is your favorite hero? Or have you made your own decisions outside of the list that Kabar Games informed you about? Give your comment yes! Stay tuned for the latest and updated news on games and anime only at Kabar Games.