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The 5 Most Painful and Best Assassin Heroes Season 14 Mobile Legends | Games – Assassin is the most popular role hero among Mobile Legends players, both regular and professional players. In contrast to the tank hero role, which is very little in demand, especially with new players.

We can turn assassins into heroes wear and the key to victory for a team is Burst damage big and of course very agile. Hence it is very difficult to pick up.

Playing the Assassin’s Hero is difficult indeed, Gang. Not all players can use Assassin Heroes, as some of these hero types have a high level of difficulty. So we need skill and high flying hours to master it.

There are many Assassin Heroes to buy or choose from in Mobile Legends. But TeknoGeng will have 5 recommendations that you can try. Who are you? Let’s check out the review below.

The 5 Most Painful and Best Assassin Heroes Season 14 Mobile Legends

In season 14, the assassin hero is not at the level of popularity (meta). But that hero role is still a mainstay for most professional players, especially solo players trying to level up. Here are the heroes to use in season 14

1. Hayabusa

Hayabusa Shadow of Subscurity Mobile Legends
Hayabusa (Photo: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)

This ninja and kagura lover is the best assassin hero in Season 14 of Mobile Legends. A lot of people suspect that after overhauling his skills, Hayabusa will lose interest, but what happens is the opposite folks. He became the most fearsome assassin in the Land of Dawn.

Hayabusa can be a great and slippery damage hero when used by the right people. Very high mobility and can farm very quickly. In season 14, Hayabusa is usually alone in top or bottom lane, so he can get experience and gold very quickly.

Hayabusa is included in the Mid to Late Game Hero, which means it will take effect once the battle has entered the mid to late game stage. That’s why he’s on the top or bottom lane so he can climb up quickly and buy items. In this way, Hayabusa’s damage in the middle game is already great.

But unfortunately, Hayabusa is very difficult to use, especially to use the second ability. Even if this ability makes it very difficult to absorb Hayabusa and make him very agile.

Benefits of Hayabusa:

  • High mobility and very agile
  • Burst damage very large
  • Can Agriculture fast
  • Can split thrust fast

Hayabusa’s weaknesses:

  • Difficult to use
  • Very weak in early game
  • Not so good for the war

2nd clue

Gusion KoF Mobile Legends

After one-nerf, Gusion saw a slight decline this season 14. Even in the MPL Season 4 tournament, this hero is rarely chosen by professional players. But in our opinion, Gusion is still classified as a hero who is over power gangs. So you can still use it to rank up in Season 14.

Gusion has a very large explosion damage thanks to his second ability, Shadowblade battles. This is Gusion’s main skill. This skill throws 5 daggers and can be used twice, throwing and retreating. We can spend 10 daggers at a time using the ultimate skill.

Another advantage of this fusion is its agility. His ultimate ability will allow Gusion to run and blink in the direction we indicated. We can also use this skill twice, the first phase is blink and the second is dash. This ability will tooReset cooldown from skills 1 and 2.

Then Gusion can easily lock the target with his first skill. Usually the main targets are marsmen, mages and assassins. This hero is ideal at all stages, be it early, middle, and late game. With the right combination of skills, Gusion really becomes a deadly assassin.

Just like Hayabusa, Gusion has a very high level of difficulty. Even if you memorized the skill combination, but when you play the memorization, the combo is distributed. So you should practice in AI or Custom mode first and then continue in Classic mode. This way, your flying hours will get higher.

Advantages of Gusion:

  • Huge explosion damage
  • Ideal in all phases (early, middle, late game)
  • High mobility and agility

Perceptual weaknesses:

  • What a waste
  • Difficult to use

3. Selena

Create the latest items and tutorials for Selena Mobile Legends

That hero had become a banned subscription over the past few seasons until Moonton finally made a nerf. But that didn’t make Selena lonely fans. This hero is among the best assassin heroes in mobile legends.

This hero can change shape like Roger. He can turn into elves and abysses. One of Selena’s dreaded skills is the catfish, which is shot by the second skill in Elven mode, Abyssal Arrow.

Enemies hit by the catfish are stunned for up to 3 seconds. Combined with the first skill in Abyssal mode, it is very easy for Selena to overthrow thin-blooded heroes such as shooters and mages.

Selena is also very effective at ganking, both in the early and late games. This hero is very well suited to face-up cards with his first ability. He can also easily make unexpected attacks and abduct enemy carry heroes with his catfish shots.

But this catfish shot isn’t easy to use folks. To hit the target, you need long hours of flight. Try practicing in AI or custom mode. Then remember the right combination.

You can see a full tutorial on Selena here, folks: Create the latest items and tutorials for Selena Mobile Legends

Selena’s advantages:

  • Burst damage is very high
  • The duration of crowd control is very long
  • Can open maps and catch enemies
  • High mobility and agility

Selena’s weaknesses:

  • Difficult to use
  • What a waste
  • Strongly depends on the team

4. Helkurt

Not many players are currently using this assassin. Although Helcurt is a fatal assassin in season 14. This hero is very suitable for the push rank especially for those who like to play parties or hang out with your friends.

Helcurt is the most effective assassin at paralyzing enemy carry heroes thanks to his passive ability that can create a silence effect. Targets affected by this effect cannot use skills or basic attacks for a few seconds.

Captured enemies can be killed instantly if we use the second skill. This second skill does huge damage indeed, especially if you already have 5 stacks. This ability is enough to kill or at least fend off soft heroes like shooters and mages to return to the base.

This helcurt will actually be very effective when used to play with your friends. Because the ultimate skill has a very large area, namely a card. The enemy will not sense the presence of all of your team members for a few seconds. So we can easily ambush them.

Benefits of Helcurt:

  • High burst damage
  • Annoying silence effect
  • Can blind enemy cards
  • Easy to use

Helcurt’s weaknesses:

  • Depends on the team
  • What a waste

5. Ling

Ling Cyan Finch
Ling Cyan Finch (Photo: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)

Ling is the only assassin published by Moonton in 2021. Most of the heroes they released this year were fighters and tanks. Ling will be released on November 2nd on the original server and will be the strongest assassin hero of the 14th season.

Ling is a hero who, like Fanny, has the ability to move walls quickly. But Ling would be able to move from one wall to the other and enter them. As a result, Ling has an easier level of difficulty compared to Fanny.

One of Ling’s other abilities is immune or immune to any damage or crowd control. As long as he is using his ultimate, Ling cannot be attacked. This ability is currently needed considering that CC is what almost all Mobile Legends heroes fear the most.

In addition, thanks to his passive, Ling also has a very large burst damage. It can do tremendous critical damage, especially in the late game. He can be the opposing team’s most feared scourge, especially for mages and marksmen.

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Ling’s advantages:

  • Very high mobility and agility
  • Huge explosion damage
  • Have immunity
  • Very easy to use

Ling’s weaknesses:

  • Depends on the buff
  • Very weak in the early game

Shut down

These are the 5 best assassins in the version of the 14th season of Mobile Legends by TeknoGeng. You can use these five heroes for reference if you are confused about which assassin hero to use.

But it all comes back to you. It’s not that the heroes who aren’t on top are bad. All heroes are good if the pilot can also make good use of his potential. Hopefully it will be useful and don’t forget to take a break, gang ^^

Please also check out other best heroes just below TechnoGang so that you can become an invincible player in the Land of Dawn.

Swell: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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