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The 5 best fighters in Mobile Legends Season 14 | Games – In season 14, the fighter is a role that must be present on a team. Fighter is a very good hero who used to fight with tankers.

For the past few seasons, Fighter has been the most suitable hero to become an offlaner. This hero is usually alone in the top or bottom lane.

The 5 best mobile legends of Fighter Season 14

One of the skills a fighter must have in Season 14 is high HP regeneration and durability. That way, they’ll get stronger for the solo lane.

Below are the top 5 battle heroes to help you rank up in Season 14 of Mobile Legends.

1. X.Borg

X.Borg Mobile Legends

X.Borg is one of the best fighters to rank up with in Season 14 of Mobile Legends. This hero is still often banned and very difficult to unlock. When the opportunity presents itself, try to use that one hero folks.

One of the reasons X.Borg deserves to be the best fighter is that he is very difficult to kill as he has HP that is divided into 2 parts, namely normal HP and armor. When the HP armor is used up, he can reactivate it in a certain way. This makes it difficult to kill X.Borg.

X.Borg also does terrible damage per second with its first ability. In addition, the range of this skill is also quite broad, so it can be used very effectively in team fights. Then his ultimate has a very large burst damage too, so he can kill the carry hero pretty easily.

X.Borg advantages:

  • High DPS and burst damage as well as area
  • Short skill cooldown
  • High HP regeneration and difficult to kill

X.Borg weaknesses:

  • Pretty hard to master
  • Have no hero lock target
  • Lack of crowd control skills

2. Masha

Masha Mobile Legends

Masha is a new fighter on the original Mobile Legends server. That one hero deserves you to be used for the push rank. This hero is rarely banned and you are very free to choose him. One of them may be that many players do not know the potential of this hero.

Marsha has very thick blood because she has three HP bars and a very high HP regeneration. He doesn’t have to go back to base just to replenish his HP as his fourth ability can fill a full HP bar.

In addition, Masha also has very high burst damage. Even killing a tank hero is very easy, especially if you bought the demon hunter sword. His DPS is also very high as his attack speed increases when his blood dies.

With this ability, Masha is good enough to be an offlaner. He is very strong at defending the lane he controls, even pushing the lane is also very easy thanks to his first skill.

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Advantages of Mascha:

  • HP and HP regeneration are very high
  • Long shelf life, so hard to kill
  • Tank killer
  • Fatal damage per second
  • Don’t use mana

Mascha’s weaknesses:

  • Lack of crowd control skills
  • Don’t have good escape skills

3. Terizla

Terizla Mobile Legends

Terizla is also very suitable for those of you looking to move up the rank in Season 14 of Mobile Legends. This hero, who is identical to his hammer, deserves to be a real offlaner for the gang thanks to his very supportive skills. This hero is free from prohibited subscriptions, so you can choose this hero freely.

Terizla has Skill 2, which can cause enormous damage. This skill is also used in 3 phases and is area, so it is very suitable for free lanes or team fights.

On top of that, Terizla also has crowd control skills which are pretty annoying with his ultimate ability. He can attract opponents who are in this skill range several times. This way, this skill can be used very effectively in team fights, especially when combined with skill 2.

Another reason Terizla deserves to be a true offlaner is that he has the ability to reduce his passive’s damage. He can convert lost HP into damage reduction. This way, the more Terizla dies, the greater the damage reduction.

The advantages of Terizla:

  • High burst damage
  • Very high durability
  • Crowd control is tedious
  • Easy to use

Terizla’s weaknesses:

  • Weak against CC
  • All skills are easy to evade
  • Low mobility

4. Chou

Chou Mobile Legends

This is both a fighter and a tanker that is timeless, gear. This hero can be used very flexibly. We can do it for off planers, tankers, even for assassins. This hero has never been banned and is a free choice, although this hero is a very strong gang, especially since it has been used by professional gamers like Papi Donkey.

Chou is the most effective agile counter hero for all heroes. The combination of Skill 1 and its ultimate really makes the opponent to create. In addition to this, the damage done by this skill is also very large (when using a fighter build item). Only a combo is able to repel the enemy.

In addition, with its second ability, Chou also has a very good shelf life. He can be immune to the effects of enemy crowd control. This ability also gives him a shield, so it is enough to make it difficult for the enemy to kill him. This makes Chou very suitable to be used as a fighter or offlaner.

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Chous advantages:

  • Crowd control is very effective
  • high durability,
  • do not use mana,
  • Easy to use

Chou’s weaknesses:

  • Quite difficult to use
  • Difficult to lock down enemies

5. Thamuz

Thamuz Mobile Legends

Thamuz is very suitable for the push rank season 14 Mobile Legends. The reason may be that you already know the gang. Yes, it has a very high HP regeneration. So he can be very strong to land on his own.

Thamuz also has very high burst damage despite not using a full item attack. This cannot be separated from passive skills. On top of that, he can also provide a great DPS with his ultimate skill.

Thamuz advantages:

  • High burst damage
  • Flexible usage
  • Multifunctional and annoying crowd control
  • Strong in all phases
  • Don’t use mana
  • Easy to use

Thamuz’s weaknesses:

  • Need the right timing to attack
  • Often the main target in team fights

Shut down

These are some of the best fighters to rank up with in Season 14 of Mobile Legends. All heroes are good gang, as long as we have a good command of the skills. But it will be easier for you to win the game when you hit the meta. The five heroes above are also often used by professional gamers, be it in the Mytic Tier or Mobile Legends tournaments. Have fun playing and don’t forget a break, gangs ^^.

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