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The 5 best and most effective Counter Uranus heroes in Mobile Legends

Uranus is a tank hero in Mobile Legends with a high HP regeneration and is often mistaken for an Imba. But it turned out that it wasn’t. Here are the most effective hero tips and items to help counter Uranus. We will see!

Lots in the latest Mobile Legends update Nerf hit hero, one of which is Uranus. Even so, this tank hero is still overwhelmed and difficult to controlCounter.

Uranus is one of the heroes that are often used for Meta hypercarry. His passive skill Radiance is able to regenerate Uranus’s HP. Not to mention the addition of Skill 1 which will reduce your attack damage and increase Uranus’ own damage.

Of course, Uranus has weakness also. Some of them are weak crowd control, wasteful mana, and poor defense. Besides, this hero can becounter with anti-heal / anti-regeneration items and heroes with burst damage.

Well, for those of you who are struggling to deal with Uranus, don’t worry because Ligagame has prepared a list of the best items and heroes to use to fight Uranus in Mobile Legends.

Come on, take a look at the explanation below!

The best hero against Uranus in Mobile Legends

1. Lunox


Lunox is one of the best mage heroes for thick defense counter heroes like Uranus, especially in the early game. With his Starlight Pulse and Chaos Assault abilities, Lunox can attack Uranus before he can regenerate his HP.

2nd clue


Gusion is one of the heroes who has the Burst Damage skill so he can easily defeat Uranus.

Some of his skill combinations like S2-S1-S2-S1-Ult-S2-S1-S2-S1 have great burst damage and can prevent Uranus from using his HP regeneration. Pair it with Divine Glaive items to increase the blast, especially when facing tank heroes like Uranus.

3. jaw head

Jaw Head Heroes Counter Uranus Mobile Legends

Not only can mage heroes defeat Uranus, but some battle heroes are best choices for the tank hero counter too.

Jawhead is one of the solo laner that is often used to counter Uranus 1v1 or even any hero if used properly. The reason is its high burst damage. He also has CC and a shield to protect himself from the magical damage of Uranus.

For combo burst skills you can try S3-S2-S1-S2 when facing Uranus. If your opponent is not dead yet, you can add an execution emblem for additional damage.

4. Kadita


As a burst damage specialist, Kadita is of course added to the list of heroes to counter Uranus. This one hero mage is very item dependent, but with the right use of skill combinations, Kadita can easily destroy Uranus in a matter of seconds.

Kadita’s ultimate ability, Rough Waves, will be very useful against Uranus. Before using the ult, make sure your opponent is in close proximity so that the resulting damage is even greater. You can combine it with Petrify to increase the hit rate of the ultimate skill too!


5. Career


This sniper hero is often used to counter all tank heroes, including Uranus. With the right combination of items and her passive Light Wheel Mark ability, Karrie can destroy enemies with high HP in seconds.

Best items to counter Uranus

In addition to the choice of heroes, the use of item builds also plays an important role in dealing with Uranus. Here are the most effective items to counter Uranus.

1. Sea halberd


This Sea Halberd item is very useful against Uranus, especially for the kind of hero who focuses on physical damage. This item can reduce the HP regeneration effect of Uranus by up to 50%. if you use simple attacks when attacking him.


2. Necklace of the Durance

On the other hand, the Durance necklace is suitable for Hero type with magical attacks / Magical damage. This item is also useful for taking down Uranus’s HP regeneration if you use any skill.

Well, here are some ways to counter Uranus in Mobile Legends in terms of hero and item choices.

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