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The 10 best online and offline COC-like games

10 Games Similar to COC, You Must Know !!, Game Clash of Clans (COC) is a game known in all parts of the world. In COC games, players will find many challenges that will test their skills. Obviously, you need to spend your time resources as best you can to get better buildings and strengthen your troops.

The combat system in the COC game has to send troops into your opponent’s territory. In the meantime, players will also need to build self-defense by building walls and cannons. COC games require you to fight or use other players clan to fight with you clan Miscellaneous.

Even though this game is interesting to play, but you got bored and your HP cannot play this game. If you are bored of COC games, you may want to try the following COC-like games.

Let’s listen, 10 games similar to COC

Boom beach

COC related games

This game is also made by the same team as the COC maker, Supercell. This game has a strategy that is quite rare and unique. This Boom Beach game takes you to a large island in the tropics.

The player’s task is to lead an army to defend and attack the beautiful islands. Prepare to fight criminals in this game. This Boom Beach game is no longer grass and earth based like COC games. Download here

Castle fight

COC related games

This is a strategy game that you can play for free on your smartphone. In fact, the Castle Clash game is a bit similar to COC, but this game is more than just a “clone” of COC. In this game you can play as a warlord to build the strongest empire. You can also use the mythological creatures in this game to win the game. Here is the download link


In VikingWars your goal is to organize a Viking army to fight against invaders and against opposing tribes. You can strengthen your defenses through Update Watchtowers and cannons. You will also need to develop a tactical defense strategy to fight and attack the opposing army to win the battle. Please download from this link.

Jungle heat

COC related games

Jungle Heat is a game based on a movie action. In the game Jungle Heat you will find muscular male and female characters who carry weapons to fight against their opponents. Your goal is to take control of a tropical region rich in gold and oil. However, you have to face the robbers who stand on your way.

You have to build military bases to defend your territory and attack your opponents. You need to Upgrades all armed forces to improve their skills. So you can feel the feeling of the fight like in an action film. To download, please click on this link.

war of stars

In the Star Wars game, players will be asked to choose a venue, which can be The Rebel Alliance or The Galantic Empire. Next, play the game according to the narration of the movie. This game is very different from COC. What makes them look similar are the interesting features and twists that Star Wars games have to do with. Here is the download link.

Growing Empire: Rome

Grow Empire: Rome can be played offline. You must establish a republic and you will act as the leader of that republic. As a leader, one has to come up with a strategy for the republic to move forward. You can do Update more than 1000 buildings. Of course, one must also think about defending the republic in the event of an enemy attack. Please download from this link.


COC related games

This game offers a similar game concept as COC. Because in this Townsmen game you have to build a village starting from a small village up to a village strong enough and advanced. Players will also need to think about the village’s progress, from preparing various village needs to village defense and security. In addition, one has to think about the economy in Townsmen. Download it from this link.

Total conquest

The game from Gameloft is called Total Conquest. In Total Conquest you have to manage both the city and the city army. In addition to building city buildings, you also need to prepare for war. Players can recruit fighters and train them to advance in war. When you feel that the troops are ready to fight, you can immediately challenge your opponent. Please download from this link.

Siege case

In the game Siegefall you have to create a clan. You can put together a team according to your needs. In addition, you can even work with the team to plan a strategy. The most exciting point about the Siegefall game is that you can duel with other Siegefall players online. Please download from this link.

Lords Mobile

COC related games

Lords Mobile has an MMORPG concept where you have to create a game rich alone. Everyone rich What you do must be carefully guarded and don’t let other players take it rich You. To maintain Empires, You can recruit heroes who are good at fighting. Here is the download link.

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That’s an explanation for games that are similar to COC. Are Vexa friends interested in playing the game? Or have you played this game before? Until next time

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