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The 10 best and strongest heroes in Mobile Legends (ML) in 2021

Mobile Legends is a game that is popular with every gamer to this day. Of course, when you play, you have a team in mobile legends that you must have hero What is “Meta“, Or those that rise in season. Various hero In this Mobile Legends (ML) game, it takes the strongest and the best to lead the team to victory. Art role hero listed, for example: Fighter, magician, Sagittarius, and Assassin.

Well, curious hero Which ML is the best that can bring your team to victory? Below is a list of the 10 best and strongest heroes in the Mobile Legends game in 2021 that is on the rise!


Harith Mobile Legends

hero This one has a very deadly ability. Harith is magician which is very much feared as it has a very quick cooldown and very high damage from the start that does that hero that is very fatal. That is what makes Harith so superior hero other. Harith also has a very high ability effect.

Because of the potential it has, it allows Harith to become a meta-candidate in the future. The range of skills it has is quite large, which allows it to clear the Minion Wave faster. If you are a person who likes to be used hero At the speed of your finger, Harith can be your best bet for playing Mobile Legends with your team.


Gusion Mobile Legends

hero this is one of the heroes assasins the best in Mobile Legends (ML). Gusion has a speed capable of shifting lanes to help the team. Gusion also does very high damage with various magical items like Karina. So it is sometimes quite difficult to learn how to use it hero This one here. However, once you get used to it and know how to play Gusion, you can be sure that your team will win. hero This can be one of your decisions in combat.


Mobile legends from Lunox

Lunox is hero new, although lunox is still included hero new but its abilities are much feared because lunox is overwhelm Early 2021. Lunox is in great demand with Mobile Legends (ML) players due to its enormous abilities and damaging abilities. Lunox has a dark and a light side, which can be demonstrated by its passive ability, being hero that will have no effect Cooldown Reduction.

During the blackout state, the effect is Cooldown Reduction will be changed to magic penetration. Meanwhile back then brilliant, Effect cooling down reduction changed from Lunox to magic resistance. In addition to this, Lunox also has skills that are not too difficult to understand despite having 4 skills. All of these abilities have great damage, making it very easy for Lunox to run away.


Ruby Mobile Legends

Ruby is a very good fighter hero and is quite feared. Ruby does significant damage and can make it difficult for enemies to escape from their attacks. Have skills don’t run and Wolf KingMaking Ruby can cause stunning in the area, which is very useful when fighting opponents. Where hero This is able to pull the enemy in front of you one party at a time.

With these skills, Ruby becomes one of the hero Very good crowd control for a team. Ruby’s life steal is also an important weapon and makes it very difficult to die.

Gatot Kaca

Cell phone legends

hero this is nicknamed “iron bone wire muscle,” just like the legend in which Gatot Kaca remains strong despite being constantly nerfed by the enemy. Gatot Kaca is one of the hero Tanks with skills Avatar of the Guardian which can be used to start a fight. Where the ability to fly and hit the ground with his Ulti Skill often becomes another skill, the hero that will be one hero best in mobile legends (ML).

In addition, his Unbreakable ability is capable of tricking enemies in the area into attacking him. This skill is very useful when faced with a large number of enemy areas to control the enemy’s game movement. What’s special is that Gatot Kaca is also one of the best lord thief heroes in Mobile Legends (ML)!


Johnson's cell phone legends

hero usually referred to as the “Transformer”, is in great demand with Mobile Legends gamers as it can transform its shape into a Mustang car. When Johnson becomes a car he can run super fast and stun when hitting his enemies. In addition, team members can also drive Johnson in a car-shaped state.

Johnson’s ability is Quick set-up that can initiate attacks or ganking very well, there is also a Deadlu Pincers ability that can stun the opponent. Johnson can be a great choice as a tank hero, stunner, or ganker.


Claude Cell Phone Legends

Claude is one of the hero which is pretty unique to what a hero is Sagittarius which is very dangerous in late game. Claude was quick to switch to his pet and became one of the Sagittarius which has a very high mobility. He does very high damage per second (dps) by relying on his normal attacks.

In addition, Claude is also able to farm quickly to get as much gold as possible. hero Claude also has a Blazing Duet skill, which is terrible enough to deal damage in certain areas. Thanks to the above skills, Claude can become Sagittarius able to kill quickly and avoid unsafe positions. No wonder if hero that’s one too hero most commonly used in Mobile Legends tournaments.


Chou mobile legends

Chou is one of the hero fighter the best in Mobile Legends (ML) which can be annoying to opponents. Where Chou can defeat his enemy with his bare hands, at first glance it resembles Bruce Lee. Chou has the best mobility in its class, coupled with his transient skills and immunity, Chou becomes one hero the deadliest and hardest to kill game in Mobile Legends game.


Alice mobile legends

hero This one is one of the mage heroes who can move places instantly. Alice has a very large and terrible ability with a large enough area. Alice has a powerful combo ability that is used on the front row to distract the enemy while doing magical damage enough to make the enemy sick.

Alice is currently a favorite in recent patches and is often used in ranked mode. Alice’s Flowing Blood ability can do high damage and short cooldowns, making Alice move quickly. In addition, with the combination of Blood Awe and Blood Ode skills, Alice can panic and disorganize five enemies at the same time!


Mobile legends from Vexana

Vexana is one of the hero magician the best in Mobile Legends (ML) game which is pretty deadly. hero it can clean roadway very fast with its nether snare ability. In addition, Vexana is also known as hero who can perform the crowd control that is his mainstay to disrupt enemy formations in battle with the Charmed Specter ability.

hero It also has a Cursed Oath skill that is useful for taking additional damage from hero Enemy affected by this skill. Thanks to this ability, Vexana has great potential for good pushing and crowd control.

Well, that’s the list of the best and strongest Mobile Legends (ML) heroes in 2021. Is your favorite Mobile Legends hero one of the above? In selecting hero The right ML will really help you out with your game. The accuracy display can be seen from the suitability hero with game strategy and skills hero in the current Mobile Legends patch. Hopefully it can be your reference in playing ML games to improve your rank faster. Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest Mobile Legends information only on the in-game news!