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TH 7 COC attack strategy without dragons

After entering TH 7 in Clash of Clans or COC, you’ll need a new attack strategy to destroy the TH of a much stronger opponent in both multiplayer and clan war modes. When you have reached TH 7, you can of course upgrade your barracks to level 9. In addition, a new unit must be open, namely Dragon, the best Clash of Clans troop, which is expensive to train. Using the Dragon unit is indeed one of the best COC attack strategies during TH 7. Because you can certainly take out your opponent very easily. However, this strategy has a weakness that it requires a very high elixir cost, making it ineffective for you to farm. So a strategy with Giant & Hog Rider is used. The following is an article on the TH 7 COC attack strategy without a Dragon.


The way this attack strategy works is to cripple the entire defensive building of the opponent by going through the land route. In Giant units, balloons and hog riders can work together to quickly destroy all of the opponent’s towers. With the help of the healing spell, the work of the giant and pig rider will feel easier. When accelerating to level the opponent’s castle, they will of course be assisted by archers and wizards who can attack from a distance.

Team preparation

TH 7 attack strategy

Of course, before starting a war, you must first prepare everything. If you want to train soldiers now, it will be easier and simpler so that you do not have to worry about calculating your troop you already have. Below are the troops and spells that you need to prepare first:

  • 12-14 grand
  • 4 Hog Riders included at Hog Rider from Clan Castle
  • 15-18 archers
  • 3 goblins
  • 9 magicians
  • 1 balloon
  • 4 healers
  • 1 barbarian king
  • 2 healing spells
  • 1 rage spell

Strategy phase

TH 7 attack strategy

Now that you’ve got everything set up, it’s time to attack the enemy base. You can use this attack strategy for both raid and clan war attacks as you wish. Suggest that you can attack your opponent’s TH that is still yours, in other words, attack TH 7 or less. This is because if you attack TH 8 and above, it will be harder for you to enter with normal ground forces. The following are the phases of the strategy:

Maybe that’s how you usually do it when doing TH 1-6 ambushed or clan wars. When you enter TH 7, many bases are guarded by Dragon, which is sure to bother you. But take it easy, with 15-18 archers he will surely defeat him easily. The trick is to first lure the kite out of the nest and lure it into the corner Folder calm one. After that you can kill the dragon by doing-Incantation many archers circled around it.

After taking out your opponent’s CC troops, it’s time for youincantation Giant ahead of the rest of the archers. You have adjusted as much as possible which angle is suitable for the Giant so that it takes longer to tear down the opposing wall. Giant will be very effective if you attack it in groups. Giant also only focuses on attacking the opponent’s defensive building.

After the Giant unit comes out and has caught the attention of several enemy defensive buildings, it’s time to launch a surprise attack with the Hog Rider and Barbarian King units from the weak side of the enemy defenses. Use the healing spell at the right time. If you’ve managed to take out your opponent’s Air Defender, this is the right time to use Healer to aid your troops. By following these three steps you can ensure that you can level the opponent’s base.

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Shut down

This is the article about the TH 7 COC attack strategy without Dragon. Are you Vexa friends interested in this strategy or have you even implemented it? Try to write in the comments column. Until next time.

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