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TH 12 COC Strategy Tips You Must Know!

Though it is becoming rare to hear the name of the game lately clash of clans. But I’m sure you’re all still playing this strategy game. This time around, Vexagame has effective strategy tips for you if you’re in TH 12. are clash of clansto make it easier for you to get three stars.

You may often find it difficult to get a star in TH 12 COC. But don’t worry, this time we’re reviewing an article on effective strategy tips to use when attacking base TH 12 COC belongs to the enemy. What strategy tips are there? The following is a discussion of the TH 12 COC Strategy Tips article below.

TH 12 COC Strategy Tips You Must Know!, Let’s listen

Tips strategy Air raid

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To use this strategy, you will need a few troops Air specialists like troops Baby kites and balloons. You can also request troops others like Dragon to clan so that you can start your attack and don’t forget to bring with you troops Golem to outsmart enemy cannons.

Bring something too troops Magician and wall breaker. It aims to clear up the remains of the building that you couldn’t destroy troops Air. You can also use potions like the Enraged, Frosty, and Earthquake spells to help you out when you are in the early stages of an attack.

Tips strategy Bowler healer

TH 12 strategy tips
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Combo strategy troops This bowler and healer needs about 30 bowlers and 8 healers. Tricks You Can Use When Using troops so you use troops The bowlers in the two corners are next to the 4 healers behind each bowler group. After successfully destroying the enemy’s external defenses, troops Bowler will definitely enter the enemy base and you can use the Mad Spells, Jump Spells, and Frost Spells potions to take down the rest of the buildings that you couldn’t destroy.

The advantage of this combination is that you will get at least two stars. In a quick way, even if you lose a star, you certainly won’t feel any loss.

Tips strategy TH 12 pig rider

TH 12 strategy tips
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To be able to execute an attack strategy troops You will surely need this Hog Rider troops Hog Rider with a number that contains a lot. do not forget troops Healer because troops This is very useful when the Hog Rider has managed to break into the enemy’s defenses. You can bring along too troops Wizard and also a little wall breaker. This is so that the Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Great Guardian can easily enter. Of course, you need the Potions Rage Magic, Poison Magic and Healing Magic potions to speed up the attack.

Tips strategy Bowler wizard

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This one combo includes a combo that is quite unusual. But it’s pretty fun and deadly because you really have to think twice about when to take it out troops Magician right. This strategy is similar to the bowler healer strategy, but it can work troops Bowler at two corners of the enemy defenses. Besides, you can also remove troops Wizard behind him. To protect troops Bowlers and magicians, of course you can bring some with you troops Giants and golems so that they are not killed in vain.

Tips strategy Valkyrie attack

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As the name of the strategy suggests, you will of course attack base belong to the enemy by one troops Valkyries. You must need the composition of this strategy among other things troops Golems, pig riders, wizards and, of course, especially Valkyries. Do not forget the potions angry spells, healing spells and poison spells, which of course trigger attacks from you.

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This is an article on TH 12 COC strategy tips. With Vexa friends, are you interested in using these tips or did you even follow the tips? Until next time.

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