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Tears of Themis, a cute boys game from developer Genshin Impact

Tears from Themis. (miHoYo) – The Chinese developer miHoYo has successfully introduced Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact. Now officially introduces a new mobile game called Tears of Themis.

Unlike the previous two mobile games, Tears of Themis is mostly filled with handsome male characters. Interestingly, miHoYo has just opened a tight beta registration for the global version.

In his new teaser video, miHoYo still provides some film material with Chinese dubbing. However, it won’t rule out the English version for the global version.

Unlike Honkai Impact, which has lovely girl characters, and Genshin Impact, which is balanced, there are pretty guys and cute girls that are different from this new miHoYo game.

What does this developer have to offer with Tears of Themis? How different are the two titles that have successfully made miHoYo known as one of the companies in the video game industry?

Tears from Themis.  (miHoYo)
Tears from Themis. (miHoYo)

Tears of Themis was introduced by miHoYo by introducing various handsome male characters who are expected to target female players. And later it will have a different theme than the two previous games.

This mobile game will have a detective theme that has a touch of romance and adventure. However, miHoYo did not provide any further details.

First, check out the shared teaser video.

For the development of this mobile game, miHoYo has also opened a tight beta to try it out before the next launch. Registration is possible directly on the official website.

MiHoYo plans to release Tears of Themis as a mobile game for Android and iOS in May 2021. Would you like to try this new title?

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