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Syva Angel involved in a drug case, her Youtube Free Fire content is in high demand!

News of the arrest of the celebrity Syiva Angel by Denpasar police adds to the list of names of people involved in drug cases. He and his three friends were caught with evidence of a new type of anesthetic, P-Flouro Fori. Quoted from CNN Indonesia, Syiva Angel was arrested in Vila Jalan Batu Belig, North Kuta, Badung, Bali with three of his friends, the initials J, R and A. As a result of this action, Syva was sentenced to a minimum of four years and a maximum of 12 years and a fine of Rs 800 million to Rs 8 billion, pursuant to Article 112 (1) of Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotic Drugs.

syva angel and three of her friends were arrested at the 7ebfd police station

Over the course of his career as an influencer, Syiva has contributed to its popularity through its YouTube gaming channel account. The girl who lives in Cengkareng, West Jakarta is actually interested in games and anime. In a statement, Syiva once said that after graduating from SMA Harapan Jaya I and then studying business administration from Jakarta University, he tried to be independent. Since 2014, Syiva has increasingly focused on his ideals as a content creator in his lectures.

His sweet face and his easygoing and happy demeanor prompted several providers and companies to work together, especially for gaming content. In addition to being a YouTuber gaming content creator, Syiva is expanding its wings on other social media platforms as well. The Instagram account @syivangel has more than 75,000 followers.

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Yes, Syva has played a lot of games from different platforms like PlayStation, PC and mobile games. He’s also held several competitions where he discussed game guides, game tips and tricks, and presented them seriously but occasionally in a funny way. His name is increasingly considered one of the influencers in the gaming world.

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Outside of his job as a YouTuber, not much is known about the character of Syiva Angel, as he rarely reveals his personal life. The case that happened to Syiva Angel suddenly became a conversation in cyberspace and arguably especially for the Free Fire gaming community in Indonesia. The reason for this is that Syiva has been shining with Free Fire video content since mid-2020 until recently.

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This is of course a shame from two sides. Firstly for the community of Free Fire Indonesia, which is certainly a little shaken by the case that happened to Syiva. Second, Syva also had to lose the image she had worked so hard on with the FF Surviors community in the country. This is of course a shame, especially since his YouTube channel has 662 thousand subscribers.
His fans are of all ages, from teenagers to various games to those who are satisfied with Syiva’s ability to play games and explore like he did in the Free Fire scene.

Meanwhile, if we track the digital footprint, there is an interesting port on the Instagram account about two weeks before the holiday incident in Bali. In uploading the story, Syiva Angel said he was going to suck from Instagram and YouTube.

“Folks, I took a break from social media, ig and youtube. Because there are family matters, I pray that it will be ready soon so that I can be satisfied next month because I have many thoughts, ”wrote Syiva Angel. Can that be a sign that Syiva is having serious problems that are causing him to withdraw from the world of YouTube and influencers? One thing is certain, he and his friends couldn’t argue when the police found evidence on them. Well, we hope that the case that happened to Syiva can be legally resolved and becomes a strong warning, especially for influencers in cyberspace who are also equated as public figures to be more careful with every step and decision .

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