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Strongest Item Build Layla for Late Game 2021

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Today I am sure to give you more information about Mobile Legends heroes. This time I will be giving Build Layla Lategame Painful 2021 on Mobile Legend.

Build Layla Lategame Strong 2021

Layla is a Hero Marksman who specializes in Reap Damage and is easy to use. Layla has an ability that can shoot Malefic Bombs forward, dealing physical damage and having a critical effect. When this skill hits the enemy, Layla’s basic attack distance increases and her movement speed increases, which decreases over a period of time. Additionally, Layla has a long-range ultimate ability that fires energy cannons and deals physical damage that can penetrate walls or rocks.

Explanation of the Layla Skill

Skill 1 Malicious Bomb
Layla fires a Malefic Bomb, dealing damage to the first enemy hit, increasing their range and movement speed.

Skill 2 Void Projectile
Layla fires a ball of energy that explodes upon hitting the target, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies, slowing them down and leaving a magical mark on them. Layla can magically detonate a mark on her next attack, damaging nearby enemies and slowing them down.

Ultimate rush of destruction
Layla fires a burst of energy in a specific direction, dealing damage to enemies in its path. Every time this skill is improved, it increases the range of basic attacks and skills.

Malicious Weapon Passive Abilities
The damage from Layla’s basic attack and abilities scales with the distance between her and the enemy.

The following items are Hero Layla Malefic Gunner.

Fast boots
The first item in Build Layla is Swift Boots. This item is an attack speed shoe that can increase the speed of basic attacks and also as an addition to Layla’s movement speed.

Berseker’s anger
The second item in Build Layla is Berseker’s Fury. The item is a physical item that Layla has to use because with this item Layla can give physical attack to the hero and also high critical damage to the enemy. Every time you perform a physical attack, Layla gives the enemy a critical chance. So when Layla performs a physical attack, she can add high physical attack damage. With this item, Layla can quickly eliminate enemies.

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The third item in Build Layla is a Wintalker item. This item is a physical item that can increase attack speed while providing critical chance and movement speed. In addition, this item can inflict quick attacks and a critical chance of damage on the enemy. With this item, Layla can quickly deal speed damage, and this item also provides extra movement speed which is useful for chasing down running enemies. So this item must be used by Layla.

Scarlet Phantom
The fourth item in Build Layla is an item from the Scarlet Phantom. This item is a physical item that can increase physical attack and attack speed along with critical chance. If Layla can critically give, the hero’s attack speed will also increase and the critical chance will also increase. With this item, Layla can do greater damage to the enemy. This item is suitable for Layla as it does not only deal physical damage but also critical damage.

Demon hunter sword
The fifth item in Build Layla is a demon hunter sword item. This item is a physical item that can deal bonus Physical Attack Damage and Attack Speed. In addition to this, this item can inflict additional basic attack damage to users and any basic attack will give physical lifesteal. This item must be used by Layla as it not only does additional damage to Minion Creeps and Lifesteal, but it can also inflict physical Lifesteal damage on the opponent.

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Wind of nature
The final item in Build Layla is the Wind of Nature item. This item is a physical item that can provide additional Physical Attack, Attack Speed, and Physical Lifesteal. This item also has a passive ability that can be immune to any physical damage for seconds. This item protects Layla from high physical damage to the opponent in order not to be eliminated.

This is Strong Layla’s late game build

Article Layla Lategame Strongs 2021

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