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Strongest Build Zhask 2021 Mobile Legends

Build Zhask Hurt's Mobile Legends
Build Zhask Hurt’s Mobile Legends

Injured Zhask Build + Strongest Split Push – Was gone from the battle arena last season which made Moonton Rework pretty big on Zhask’s Ultimate Skill where he previously only summoned Jony in large sizes, now Zhask can summon and enter Jony’s body to dodge enemy attacks.

With this change, Zhask began to survive and occasionally reappeared in the arena. When Zhask is in the hands of the right user it can turn into an opponent’s nightmare.

Zhask was suddenly overthrown in the tournament area that had never been there before. Rekt From Evos Esport brought out the full potential of this hero, it was proven that they got the victory and the title of MPL Season 4 Champion thanks to this hero.

It turned out that this hero’s ferocity did not stop there, in the world class tournament, Zhask was used by different teams such as 10Seconds from Japan, RRQ Indonesia and also Evos Legend Indonesia.

Zhask Mobile Legends

Zhask is a hero with a role mage, with durability and attack that is almost the same as the other heroes, but what makes Zhask so interesting is that this hero has quite a high skill effect, with this skill it will be very easy for Zhask to make things do that cannot be done by other hero mages.

What are you waiting for, immediately hone your skills to use this hero because with the right gameplay and the construction of the right items, Zhask can be a killer machine that roams the land of dawn.

Explanation and Use of the Zhask Skill

For those of you who want to feel the ferocity of this living monster, all you have to do is learn about this hero’s skills and gameplay.

Passive (decimation)

Zhask’s passive is pretty straightforward, when Zhask dies he blows himself up dealing 500 (+ 100% total magic strength) damage and the damage is True Damage with the damage going straight even though the opponent has a shield.

Skill 1 (Alpine Spawn)

Zhask summons the little Jony to attack the enemy in the specified location, Jony cannot move, but he can move and make attacks automatically, and cause a slow effect to the enemy affected by the attack, and Jony deals 70% damage from Zhasks Attributes.

Skill 2 (Mind Eater)

Zhask shoots a laser in the specified direction, dealing 360 (+ 100% total magic power) damage to the enemy, then Jony also performs the same attack as, and if your and Jony’s attacks hit the enemy, they will be stunned for 0.5 seconds .

When Jony switches to Ultimate Mode, the resulting damage increases to 640 (+ 180% total magical power).

Skill 3 (Hive Clones)

Zhask spends a bunch of Nightmeri clones or balls in the specified direction, the ball explodes, dealing 140 damage (+ 50% total magical power). In the case of opponents that come into contact with this ball, its movement speed will be around 80. decreases% and this effect lasts 1 second.

And when Jony switches to Ultimate mode, the bullets that previously only issued one line will now turn to 3, and the resulting damage will be many times higher than before.

Skill 4 (Dominator)

Zhask takes Jony out with a large size in Monster Mode, increasing all the attributes he has. All damage skills given by Zhask are increased when this ultimate is active.

This ability is the main cause of disaster for enemies who face this hero, because Zhask can not only take damage as a killer, but also be able to quickly knock down the tower.

You can also use this ultimate as a defense.

The deadliest skill combo

Using this hero, paralyzing the enemy is not difficult when you can pinpoint the location of Jony’s placement and perform combos according to the conditions.

Use combi 1 + 4 + 3 + 2.

Skill 1 to bring Jony into the attack area, then with Skill 3 to summon Jony monsters, then move Jony if the opponent wants to run away, then Spam Skill 3 to block the opponent’s movement and finally with Skill 1 if the enemy wants to run away still survived your attacks.

Build Zhask the Deadliest Pain Pa

Zhask is a pretty strong hero mage with his spam skills, so obviously one has to be very selective about choosing a build that supports Zhask’s skill performance.

Here are the Most Deadly Pain Zhask Build Recommendations that are widely used by professional gamers.

Build Zhask Hurt's 2021 Mobile Legends
Build Zhask Hurt’s 2021 Mobile Legends
Build Zhask Top Global Hurts Mobile Legends
Build Zhask Top Global Hurts Mobile Legends
Build Zhask Savage Mobile Legends
Build Zhask Savage Mobile Legends

Recommended combat spells and emblem sets

Combat spells

Zhask is a hero who does great damage to the team, hence with the build arrangement we shared above, Inspire combat spells very suitable for this hero, since increasing the attack speed of Zhask in combat or in the thrust tower will be very scary.

Emblem set

As a hero who has a pure role mage, it is very appropriate when one Magician emblem, Use Composition 3 Agility to increase this hero’s mobility, 3 Observation to increase attack penetration against the enemy, In addition to the bounty hunter talent, this talent will be very in sync with the monster killer predicate on Zhask.

So this is our quick look back over Build Zhask Sick in 2021, Good luck to the curious, To those of you who have other Build Item recommendations please tell us in the comments column, Thank you ..