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Strongest Build Valir Mage Full Damage

Hi guys, welcome back to the Bangudinpro review, thank you guys!
Today, as usual, I’ll give you information about Build Valir Damage and Support, Pain Damage and Hard to Die.

Build support for Valir magicians

Since Moonton’s makeover, Valir is now used by every mobile legend player to win ranked matches. The cause of Valir is often used due to crowd control skills like recoil, stun, and ultimate which can eliminate the crowd control effect given by the enemy. Not only does Valir have a crowd control ability but also a lot of damage so Valir is still used until now because it is very overwhelmed guys. Valir can be a role mage or a support depending on the team’s needs. Valir support is typically used to protect the team’s archer hero from being eliminated by the enemy as it has crowd control skills that will frustrate the enemy guys. With this crowd control ability, Valir can be a damage or support mage. And I’ll be giving a build of Valir Mage Damage and Valir Support so you know the game and can win. So right now, here are the articles, check this out.

Demon shoes
Well the first item is demon shoes that can restore mana. Hence, this item is very suitable for Valir heroes who always do damage by using skills so they don’t run out of mana. Well for those of you using this valir, you have to use this demon shoe item guys.

Frozen wand
The second item is the Frozen Wand, which can slow down enemies. This Frozen Wanda item is very suitable for this Valir hero who has great damage. With this item you can deal full damage to enemy heroes affected by the slow action of this item so that the enemy can be eliminated, wow, gäss. In addition to a slowing effect, the item also offers additional magical power, mana, movement speed and also magical lifesteal, making it really suitable for this Valir.

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Glowing wand
This third item must be used by Valir as it can inflict damage that will inflict incendiary or fire effect on enemies affected by damage for 3 seconds. Obtaining this item and applying a skill on a dying enemy will definitely eliminate the enemy as this glowing wand item does extra fire damage and can increase if you re-deal damage to the same hero for all of your skills in a short amount of time, wow incredible.

Holy crystal
The fourth item is Holy Crystal, which is the core of a hero mage who can dramatically increase magical power. This item can increase the damage significantly and also increase as the hero level increases. Items are suitable for Valir who can do a lot of damage to enemies, guys !.

Genius wand
This fifth item is an item that can decrease the enemy’s magical defense. In addition, along with moving speed, this item can give magical power and also give magical magical penetration to the enemy. This item is suitable for Valir and not only does great damage, but it can also reduce the opponent’s magical defense so that the opponent is eliminated. This Genius wand item is ready when the enemy can be eliminated quickly as items can reduce their magical defense.

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Winter club
This last item has a winter baton item that can freeze. This element can have an impact if used. If the hero activates this freeze effect, he cannot do anything, but receives an immune effect against all damage and weakening. In order for this item to help Valir when you want to be kidnapped, you can press this item so that no damage can enter, so that it is not eliminated. In addition to this, this item also offers Magic Damage, HP, and Physical Defense, folks.

Build Valir Mages

Valir magician

Build up Valir support

Valir support

Valir talent

Valir emblem

So that was the Valir Mage Damage Build and the Valir Support Build that were hard to die folks. You can mimic that and use this Valir Hero build in this Season 16 leaderboard.
Hopefully it will be useful and if you can use this valir and use this item properly, yes.

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