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Strongest Build Saber 2021 Mobile Legends

Build Saber Hurt Mobile Legends
Build Saber Hurt Mobile Legends

Build Saber Sick, the best Counter Core Hero – It’s been a very long time since this hero may never have been seen in In Game Mobile Legends, a hero who is completely forgotten because he loses his competitiveness with new heroes who keep popping up. Almost all players are reluctant to use this hero, be it Low, High or Realm Tear Even if we are competitive we will never see this hero as this hero is useless in a team fight.

The Forgotten Hero has now become one of Moonton’s top priorities to be brought back to the surface, The Forgotten Hero Now in the Crazy Buff, not just Buff, Saber is being reworked by Moonton from every skill set he has , this is done so that Saber can for the time being again compete with new heroes and existing metas.

Saber Mobile Legends

In Advanced Server Saber in Rework, Damage Increase is done, Even Buff is often given so that the resulting damage is more deadly, Saber, which we used to know as Sick Hero Assassin, is useless without Ultimate, but in this Rework this When Everything Is Broken becomes Saber still be deadly even if he only uses Basick Attack, which is buffed by his 1st ability.

Explanation and application of saber skills

After the experience with rework, Saber is now back in the spotlight, not only changes in Skill, Damage, Sabre’s appearance has now been optimized, so that quite a few players use this deadly cool cyborg as their mainstay.

For those of you who want to use this hero, be sure to read the explanation and how to use this hero carefully as the abilities will be very different after the makeover, especially in terms of features.

Passive (enemy curse)

The enemy’s curse is a passive that can reduce the opponent’s physical defense. This is called when the saber deals damage with a skill or physical attack, physical defense that is reduced when you attack the target.

This passive is very easy to activate, especially if you use Skill 1 Flying Sword, where every time the Flying Word is hit by an opponent, he gets 1 passive stack from the saber. You can also use these passives to weaken your opponent’s physique while a team fight is ongoing.

Skill 1 (Flying Sword)

Almost the same as Skill when Saber is still not reworked, where Saber spends 5 Flying Swords spinning around him and every Flying Sword that hits a target gives 80 (+ 30% extra physical attack).

The thing that changes from this skill is that whenever Saber performs a basic attack or skill, it will summon 1 flying word to attack. For example, every time you make 1 basic attack there will be 1 flying sword attacking and so on. The enemy hero unit hit by 1 flying sword receives 208 (+ 60% additional physical attack).

The skill used to be useless. Now dealing extra damage is very useful, especially when Saber’s passive is active, which can make the damage done by this skill more lethal.

Skill 2 (Charge)

Still not much different from the skill before it was hit by Rework, this skill is still used to do Dash. But if Saber Damege could only give once in the past, the skill will be different now. Named when Saber uses this skill, it will charge in the indicated direction and inflict 75 (+ 50% additional physical attack) to enemies on the path it crosses.

After a dash, the auto attack saber is enhanced by the mark of the sword it wears, which lights up red. For enemies hit by an enhanced auto attack, it takes 75% (+120% total physical attack) damage and slows the target by 60% for 1 second, damage increase can only be achieved 1 time each time a saber skill 2 used.

Skill 3 (Triple Sweep)

Triple Sweep is a skill that has no changes, as in our personal opinion this skill is the most perfect kidnapping skill so far, this skill is still the same in terms of damage dealt.

When this skill is active, Saber flies to kidnap the targeted hero and inflicts the airbone effect for 1.2 seconds, then Saber attacks three times in a row and the first two blows deal 120 (+ 100% additional total physical attack) damage during Saber’s third blow deals 240 (+ 200% additional physical attack) damage.

Using this skill is no different than before, you can target low HP heroes to eliminate them. Using this skill on heroes like Mage, Assassin, Marksman will be very scary where you can kill them very easily with the right combo skill.

The deadliest saber skill combo

From all of the above discussion of skills, there are a few basic things to keep in mind, such as: B. Reduce damage from passives, increase damage from skill 2. These two things are going to be very influential when performing combos.

To make a combo, use Skill 1 Flying Sword to deal light damage, use it up to 5 times until Saber’s passive is active, then use Skill 1 to storm near the target and then attack with 1 basic attack to give additional queen + active passive and ending with skill 3, this combo is already very deadly, especially for killing heroes with low HP.

And the thing to watch out for is that when performing a combo with a saber, you need to know whether or not the opponent’s hero has the crowd control ability. Don’t get caught trying to kidnap the hero you are.

Deadliest Saber Build 2021 is deadliest

Like other assassins, Saber is very dependent on build items, so choosing the right Sick Saber build will greatly affect the damage done. Here are the deadliest Sick Saber builds you can win.

Build Saber Sick 2021 Mobile Legends
Build Saber Sick 2021 Mobile Legends
Build Saber Top Global Hurts Mobile Legends
Build Saber Top Global Hurts Mobile Legends
Build Saber Savage Mobile Legends
Build Saber Savage Mobile Legends

Recommended combat spells and emblem sets

Recommended combat spell

The most ideal battle spell for you is Battle Execute, which is in synergy with your skills, but if you think you can enter damage without having to use battle spells, it would be better for you to use retribution, which will make it easier for you You run farms and compete against Turtle or Lord.

Recommended emblem sets

For the emblem set, Battle Spell Assassin with 3 agility, 3 invasion and talent bounty hunter is best, but if this emblem set is small, you can use jungle emblem set with 3 thrill, 3 knowledge and talent veteran hunter.

So this is our quick look back over Build Saber Sick 2021 Counter All Hero Meta, For those of you who are curious, good luck, For those of you who have other Build Item recommendations, please leave your comments. Many Thanks..