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Strongest Build Franco 2021 Mobile Legends

Build Franco Hurt's Mobile Legends
Build Franco Hurt’s Mobile Legends

Build Franco Sick Perfect Tank Crowd Control – As if it wasn’t lost in the era of this tank’s existence, it still exists despite the appearance of other tanks’ presence, Franco remains a favorite as a subscription pick for tank users. His ability to hijack the core of the opponent makes this hero thoroughly regarded as an adversary.

Franco Mobile Legends

Franco is one of those tanks gifted with crowd control abilities that are above the average of other heroes. It will be very difficult to escape even if the enemy is hit by this hero’s hook.

While it sounds so violent as Franco’s tank is quite difficult to use, especially on Skill 1, you may need to practice a little longer for it, not enough on hard-to-use skills, it turns out that Franco is quite lacking in terms of mana and perseverance, so that in addition to mastering skill build will also be influential for Franco.

Description and use of Franco’s Penggunaan skills

passive (Wasteland Forces)

Franco’s passive is active when Franco takes no damage for 5 seconds. It takes a little foresight to find out if Franco’s Passive is active or not, but later, when you really don’t take any damage for 5 seconds, Franco’s movement speed increases by + 10% and Meregen increases by 1% of Max HP the higher Franco’s Max HP, the greater his HP rain.

Skill 1 (Iron Hook)

This skill is Franco’s main skill, this skill has a fairly large radius and can penetrate walls, Franco will pull the target hit by the hook towards him, and the enemy will be struck by a brief stun. Not only enemy heroes, this skill can also attract minions and jungle monsters, turtles and lords cannot be drawn by this skill, but sharing only takes damage. Even if you can’t put on Lord or Turtle, there are still enough players who use this skill to do Lord or Turle from afar.

Targets affected by this skill take physical damage of 550 (+ 100% total physical attack), skill 1 can also be combined with magic flicker.After using skill 2, you have to quickly use flicker in the direction you are going. ‘This skill is actually quite deadly at the beginning of the game, although you can kill the opposing hero by flick hooking directly into the tower, unfortunately it requires additional practice.

If you use this skill you really have to dodge Franco’s greatest enemy, namely the Minion, whereby the Minion can prevent you from kidnapping the target. To make Franco’s hook easier, you often have to hide in the grass so the opponent doesn’t want you to move or zigzag a lot because you don’t know where you are.

To increase the effectiveness of this skill, try to be with a friend who can inflict damage, to execute the enemy you attracted, since Franco’s damage is basically not that great, you can do this skill too use to steal or just disturb the opponent’s buff, so enemy cores can come too late because they are disturbed while farming.

Skills 2 (Rage shock)

Skill 2 Franco is a skill area that is not too big in its area and the damage it causes is not too big but not small. The point is, this skill is enough to repay the HP of enemies just hit by Hooc. Not even infrequently can you get Last Hit with Skill. This is because it is very easy to use.

Takes 300 physical damage + 4% of Franco’s max HP for all targets in this skill area, then slows by 70% for 1.5 seconds

Skill 3 (Bloody Hunt)

In addition to this ultimate hook skill, it is also important that this skill is your main combo skill 1 + skill 3, this skill is a relatively small area, and you can only target 1 enemy. We think this skill is a crowd control skill or the most terrifying stun compared to all the heroes in Land of Dawn, of course that’s not just our opinion.

Enemies affected by this skill will be suppressed for 1.8 seconds and the enemy will not be able to escape Franco’s capture even if your opponent uses Purify as it is not useful and enemies affected by this skill will be unable to escape Franco 6 -times, and each hit deals 60 physical damage (+ 70% total physical attack). In addition to being an opponent’s hero, this skill can also be used on Monster Jungle.

Franco’s deadliest combo ability

The most correct and most commonly used compo is Use Skill 1 First Then Flicker. As soon as your opponent is hit by Hooc, immediately use Skill 3 / Ultimate. Try when using this combination you are not alone, make sure your friends are there to catch your accomplishing your successful goals.

In order to use Combo Skill 1 and Skill 3 you don’t always have to wait for Flicker, even without Flicker you can drag your opponent and Ulti. There are teammates in your area who you can inflict damage immediately, as it is very helpful to target enemy heroes kill.

To maximize this hero’s function, try to attract core heroes like Mages, MM, or Assassins from the opposing party.

Build Franco’s deadliest pain

For the Sick Franco build, we recommend the following build as this build has great synergy with every skill and passive set Franco owned, so please use it without a doubt. Curious about the build ?, Here are the deadliest Franco builds.

Build Franco Sick 2021 Mobile Legends
Build Franco Sick 2021 Mobile Legends
Build Franco's leading global hurt mobile legends
Build Franco’s leading global hurt mobile legends
Build Franco Savage Mobile Legends
Build Franco Savage Mobile Legends

Recommended combat spell and set emblem

Combat spells

For combat spells, we think Flicker is the only one best suited for Franco, this spell can not only be used as a deadly combo but can definitely be used to escape in urgent cases.

Emblem set

For the emblem set that we most recommend is the suppor emblem set with the arrangement of 3 agility, 3 recreation, with talent Pull Yourself Together. This set will be in synergy with Franco’s current meta, but it’s also not wrong if you want to use the tank emblem set for Franco because basically he’s a tank driver for those of you who want to use Franco as a pincers.

So this is our quick look back at Build Franco Sick in 2021, To those who are curious, good luck, For those of you who have another GG-Build recommendation, please let us know in the comments section. Thanks..