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Strengths and Weaknesses of Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends | Games – Popol and Kupa are new marksmen in Mobile Legends. This hero is quite unique because Popol and Kupa will fight together. Even so, we need to know the pros and cons of Popol and Kupa before we buy them.

It is best if you do not get carried away with the skills of Popol and Kupa. We recommend that you first look at the pros and cons below:

The advantages of Hero Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends

Hero Popol & Kuppa
Hero Popol and Kufa Mobile Legends

1. Fast farming

Some heroes who have pets are Irithel and Claude. But Popol does not have carefree pets because he can help his master in battle. Even if we play this hero, we need to pay more attention to Kupa, the wolf.

However, Kupa can help Popol farm without dying at level 1 herself. Because the jungle monsters are not attacked by Popol, but by Kupa. In this way we can turn Kupa into a shield or tank that takes damage.

2. High burst damage

However, we can say that Popol and Kupa are shooters who already have very high damage in the early game. Because when Popol attacked, Kupa attacked too. Kupa also receives 100% of the attributes used by Popol.

Popol also gains a stack when Kupa deals damage to the opponent. The stack is displayed over Popol’s header. When the stack is full, Popol’s basic attack deals additional physical damage.

We can maximize these passives with attack speed items so the stack can fill up quickly. You can use Scarlet Phantom, Windtalker, or Demon Hunter Sword.

3. Have crowd control skills

Popol and Kupa are also heroes who are rich in crowd control. The second skill can trigger a knockup effect. When an enemy approaches Popol, use Skill 2, but with a hint that the ultimate skill must be activated first, Gang.

Aside from the second skill, CC effects can also be created from skill 3. This skill has much the same mechanism as Selena’s 1st skill. Both can provide traps in the area specified by us.

Although Popol’s traps are not as big as Selena’s catfish traps, they are still effective enough to stop the enemy from moving. Because the Popol trap has an immobilization effect and a slow effect in the form of a surface for 1 second.

4. Very strong in the early game

Just like Karrie and Granger, Popol and Kupa are very strong marksmen in the early game. This hero is pretty strong for all stages of the game from early game to late game. Because this hero has a very annoying ultimate ability.

Opponents trying to get close to him will also have to think twice about whether or not his ultimate has been used. If not, it is possible that the killed enemy was hit by the Popol combo. He’s very strong because he has tankers to protect him.

5. Regeneration with high HP high

Popol and Kupa don’t have the same life steal as Alucard, Alpha and Ruby. This is because Kupa’s HP regeneration mechanism is similar to the Sky Guardian Helmet item. HP regeneration occurs when you exit combat or take no damage.

6. Complete super carry

Popol and Kupa are carrying heroes with very rare abilities. He’s done a lot of damage so he can carry his team to turn things around. Then this hero also has CC skills from skill 2 and skill 3, so he can enable solo kills.

Popol and Kupa can also be left alone without being guarded like other carry heroes. Because the durability of this hero is strong enough for solo lane thanks to his ultimate ability. This hero’s combo is strong enough to withstand the enemy and allow a counterattack.

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Hero Popol and Kupa weaknesses in Mobile Legends

the advantages and disadvantages of popol and kupa
Popol and Kufa Mobile Legends

1. Popol is very dependent on Kupa

The glaring weakness of this hero is Popol, who relies heavily on Kupa. Because Kupa is a bag for Popol both for attack and defense and for other functions.

There is not much Popol can do when Kupa dies. Even the ultimate skill cannot be used alone. Then abilities 1 and 2 can only be used to summon Kupa back.

2. Kupa. conjuring takes time

If Kupa dies, we can actually revive him with skills 1 and 2. But if he dies 2 times in a row in a short period of time, there is a long 20 second cooldown before he is called back.

In addition, the time to summon Kupa is also quite long. The mechanism is the same as with Recall, where we need to be able to go back to base. The time for this summoning is about 3 seconds and must be done in a safe place.

3. No escape ability

Popol and Kupa are super complete indeed because of their high damage, CC, and defense. But it didn’t have any escape skill mechanics at all. He has no stroke or blink skills like Karrie, Granger and Bruno.

In fact, Kupa can protect Popol with Skill 2. But in my opinion it is less effective when there is more than one enemy. Also, we will find it difficult to hike quickly. Alternatively, we can use flicker or sprint to escape or chase the enemy.

4. No damage area

Another weakness of Popol and Kupa heroes is that they have no damage area. We can only deal damage to one hero, so Popol can be easily picked up in a team fight.

5. His blood is thin

Popol is also a hero who has very thin HP. So with just a combination of Assassin Heroes he can be killed instantly.

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The last word

These are some of the strengths and weaknesses of Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends. Now you know what the potential and weaknesses of this hero are. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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