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Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Granger Marksman Mobile Legends 2021 | Games – Granger is one of the Marksman heroes who has a long firing range and very high burst damage. The characteristics of Granger Mobile Legends are similar to those of Clint and Lesley, which have a long range of fire and deal very painful damage with every spin. beat-his.

Granger can’t get the full effect Attack speed of items or emblems due to their passive abilities. Hence, Granger has a slow attack and we need to maximize physical damage and abilities as effectively as possible. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the newest 2021 Granger Marksman Hero:

Granger Mobile Legends
Photo: Hero Granger Mobile Legends

The advantages of Hero Granger

High burst damage

Granger has 6 bullets that are reloaded after the sixth shot. Well! This sixth shot deals 100% critical damage. Then we can use skill 1 to spend 6 bullets at the same time.

Then Granger’s basic attack also increases after Skill 2 is removed. Despite having a slow attack speed, the damage Granger does is very large.

Ranged attack

Skill 3 has a very long range and we can use it to kill enemies who are trying to escape. So this third skill is very good for finishing, especially it won’t be blocked by minions. This ability is also very suitable for poking enemies as the shooting range is long.

Sniper OP in the early-mid game

Usually, Archer heroes have very weak traits in the early game but strong traits in the late game. This is different with Granger, however, as he can dominate the game from the beginning to the middle of the game. Because this hero relies on skills more than simple attacks.

The combination of skill 1, skill 2, and the third skill really hurts in the early game. So Granger is a shooter who is considered very OP in early to mid game. However, the downside is that he is not very strong in the late game compared to other shooters as he has a high attack speed.

Easy to use

Playing Granger is very simple and the skills are pretty easy to master. The most important thing in playing Granger is to keep your distance and see the condition of the balls that we have. It should be noted that when the last bullet is used up, we cannot attack for a few seconds until the bullet is fully charged again.

Hero Granger’s weaknesses

Low attack speed

It is very clear guys that the main disadvantage of these Grangers is their very slow attack speed. In addition, the number of bullets is limited, so there will be a reload pause. Of course, this is quite damaging, especially at crucial moments in the late game.

Lack of escape skills

The only escape ability Granger has is the second ability. We can also use this ability to position ourselves. However, the stroke distance of this skill is very short. This way, Granger can be picked up very easily by assassin heroes or laid-back heroes like Zilong and Chou.

Ultimate ability easy to miss

This Granger 3 skill has a very large shooting range. In practice, however, this ability is easy to miss, especially when the enemy is moving sideways.

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Well! These are the strengths and weaknesses of the TeknoGeng version of the Granger hero, regardless of the conditions of the game, of course it depends on the way you are using the hero. And no less important, teamwork is everything to win Mobile Legends games.

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