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Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Carmilla Mobile Legends | Games – Carmilla is a new support hero released on the original Mobile Legends server. Carmilla is the first hero released in 2021. Carmilla is a support hero who is pretty unique in that he has Collateral Damage and CC skills. With this ability, the Carmilla Mobile Legends hero is very suitable for team fights.

But is it worth buying this hero, gang?

Obviously, for those of you on a mediocre budget, buying the wrong hero is a bad decision. Or maybe you don’t want to throw away your BP that has been in use for a long time.

If we look at the role for ourselves, Carmilla is a support heroine. The main task of this hero is team support. This type of reel is less effective for solo use. In addition, this hero also has a short reach.

So before you go out and buy Carmilla’s new hero, you should first look at his strengths and weaknesses. So you won’t regret your purchase. Immediately we see the rating below.

Carmilla’s perks

The main advantage of this new hero, Carmilla, is team combat. We think it is very reasonable because it is a role support. His solo ability is very weak indeed. Here are the perks that the TeknoGeng version of the Carmilla Mobile Legends hero has.

New hero Carmilla Mobile Legends

1. Support tank killers

Thanks to her passive ability Vampire Tack, Carmilla is a very effective support against tank heroes. This skill reduces the opponent’s 20 points of physical and magical defense. This effect can be stacked, reducing the defenses of other targets affected by Carmilla’s damage by 20.

This passive skill is not pervasive like the Divine Glaive item, but directly reduces its defensive status. The functionality is similar to that of the Genius Wand. That way, teammates will feel this effect. That way, your friends will continue to be sick because their defenses have been reduced.

With these skills, Carmilla can be of great support to the team. Because by reducing the opposing defense, the damage caused by your fellow players is of course also high. Especially when Carmilla has used her ultimate.

2. High HP regeneration

Carmilla is also a support hero who has high HP regen thanks to her first ability, Crimson Flower. Although this skill has a very short range, the HP regeneration he receives is quite high. The faster the Crimson Flower rotates, the higher the HP regeneration.

Skill 1’s healing effects can be maximized with items like Concentrated Energy, Frozen Wand, and Oracle. Through the use of magical items, the HP regeneration we get is also high as it depends on the presentation of our magical power.

3. High mobility

Carmilla is a support hero with high mobility. His first skill increases his movement speed by 25%. The second ability also gives 60%. With this ability, he can quickly switch from one lane to another.

This additional high movement speed also increases the likelihood that Carmilla will run away or chase enemies. He becomes more agile when he is followed by the opponent or vice versa. Even if she doesn’t have blink or sprint skills, this skill is very useful for Carmilla for her support role.

4. Rich in crowd control

Although it doesn’t have very good crowd control like Kaja and Chou, Carmillas CC is also very effective. He has a very high ability for slow crowd control. His first skill can give 25% slow. The ultimate skill gives a very high slowing effect, which is 90%, the duration is also very long (5 seconds).

With a slow effect of this magnitude it will of course be very difficult for the enemy to escape. In addition, the second skill will also stun for 1.75 seconds. This effect is of course very effective in stopping the movement of agile heroes like Fanny, Gusion, and Ling. In addition, the range of this ability is quite wide.

5. Collateral damage + CC

The ultimate skill is very worthwhile for team fights. Because this skill looks like it connects to 2 enemy Heroes near the main target. The link is connected for the three heroes.

This link creates a curse as the damage or crowd control that hits one of them spreads. Even though we only hit one target, the other two targets also get the same effect, whether damage or CC.

This skill will of course be very effective if we combine it with heroes who have high damage and crowd control. Heroes like Bruno, Moskov and Hanabi can be combined very well with Carmilla’s Ulti. It’s just that the enemies have to be close together.

6. Easy to master

Like other support heroes, Carmilla is very easy to master. This hero doesn’t have a complicated ability mechanism like mage and assassin heroes. It’s just that we have to watch out for melee heroes. So we don’t just get involved when we use Carmilla, Gang.

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Carmilla’s weaknesses

Carmilla’s weaknesses are almost the same as those of support heroes in general, gangs. Let’s just check out the weaknesses below.

1. Close-up support

Despite being a support hero, his basic attack has a very short range like a fighter. Like it or not, we have to be in the enemy crowd to attack it. In this way, this hero is very less effective when we use magic items. Because that would make it very soft.

With this weakness we have to use Carmilla as a support tank. By building item armor, Carmilla will be strong enough when in a crowd of enemies. Then we have to be careful before an open war breaks out.

2. Depends heavily on the team

Like other support heroes, Carmilla relies heavily on teamwork. Because if we look at the skills he has, Carmilla is better used for team fights than teamwork.

We can also build magical items, but in our opinion it is less effective. Because the CC effect it gives is less effective and the damage is not high when used solo. So we just use his role as support. If you want to be on the safe side, you should play with your friends. At least you play a trio of gangs.

Shut down

These are the strengths and weaknesses of the hero from Carmilla Mobiloe Legends. So actually this hero is very suitable for team fights compared to solo. The potential he has will show when he is with his teammates. Hopefully useful and happy push rank gangs ^^

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