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Star Shop APK Mobile Legend, Cheap Diamonds Here!

Star Shop Mobile Legend – Topping up Diamond ML is a common thing for Mobile Legends players. You can easily top up Mobile Legends through the Mobile Legends game directly or through trusted recharge sites.

This time we are informing you of the existence of an application that provides top-up services. The application is an application called Star Shop. This Star Shop application is for topping up Mobile Legends Diamonds, Free Fire, and UC PUBG top ups.

Unlike most top-up service providers, Star Shop Mobile Legends sells diamonds at weird prices.

Mobile Legends Star Shop
Star Shop APK Mobile Legend

You can buy 568 diamonds for Rp. 10,850, 976 diamonds for Rp. 17,900 and 7,715 diamonds can be bought for only Rp. 115,800.

Download StarShop Apk Mobile Legends

For those of you curious about this cheap top up service provider application, you can download it here

However, there is no detailed information on whether the Star Shop Mobile Legend application is legal and safe.

But so far there have been many gaming Youtubers who have tried to top up via this Star Shop. For those of you who still have doubts, you can first top up the diamond with the smallest face value on the Smurfs account.

How to use Star Shop Mobile Legends

Using the Mobile Legends star shop is very easy. Below is a guide on how to use StarShop Apk Mobile Legends to top up diamonds:

  1. Go to the main menu of the Star Shop application, then click the Mobile Legend icon, then press View Product to see a list of diamond prices that you can buy.
  2. Choose how many diamonds to buy by clicking the Buy button. For those of you who are topping up in the Star Shop for the first time, we recommend trying the lowest denomination first.
  3. After that you have to enter your Mobile Legends ID and your Mobile Legends Server and then press the payment button.
  4. Payments at Star Shop Mobile Legends can only be made by credit. So you have to enter the mobile phone number in the column provided and then click on the pay button.
  5. A notification will appear that your payment is in the queue. Hit the exit button and wait a while for the diamond you bought to go into your account.

How to use the Star Shop apk Mobile Legends to recharge diamonds.

That’s all for the Star Shop Mobile Legends article, good luck and good luck!

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