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Spetsnaz helmets in PUBG: history and benefits

Getting to Know Spetsnaz Helmets in PUBG – You can’t just rely on guns when playing PUBG games. You will also have to rely on items of defense like helmets and vests.

This helmet and vest can help you defend against enemy attacks.

In PUBG, the vest and helmet are divided into three levels. The higher the level of the vest and helmet, the higher the level of defense that can be given.

PUBG Mobile Spetsnaz helmet
PUBG Mobile Spetsnaz helmet

Well, this time we’re going to discuss the iconic helmet in the PUBG game, which is the Spetsnaz helmet. Read this article carefully so that you can learn more about the Spetsnaz helmet in PUBG.

What is the Spetsnaz helmet in PUBG Mobile?

Perhaps some of you still often wonder what a Spetsnaz helmet is. The Spetsnaz helmet itself is a level 3 helmet which is the helmet with the best protection.

This helmet is a very iconic helmet as this helmet is also used by the characters that appear in the thumbnails or PUBG game icons.

The origin of the Spetsnaz

The name Spetsnaz of the level 3 helmet is actually derived from the name of the armed forces. Spetsnaz itself is a name that is often used to refer to Russian armed forces.

This PUBG Spetsnaz helmet, which not only adapts the name of the Russian armed forces, is apparently also based on a real helmet model called Russian Rys ?? – T.

Benefits of Using a Spetsnaz Helmet (Level 3)

Quite often there are missions in PUBG games that require you to take or use this level 3 helmet.

There are many advantages to this Spetsnaz helmet so it would be a shame not to wear this helmet.

Wearing a Spetsnaz helmet can protect your head from headshot attacks. Using a Spetsnaz helmet reduces the damage hitting the head by 55%. The durability or durability of this Spetsnaz helmet reaches 230 points.

However, if you use a Spetsnaz helmet, even if you are attacked with AWM, you won’t die instantly.

The enemy will also think twice about giving you a shot in the head because the shot they are giving is not going to kill you instantly.

Those are the things you need to know about the Spetsnaz helmet in PUBG. Do not miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when you find this helmet in the arena of competition.

Enough articles on this Spetsnaz helmet, hopefully it will come in handy!

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