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Some of the weak MLBB heroes in season 13

Mobile Legends esports games are now worldwide and are played by different groups. Its popularity is growing as more and more esports stars fill the entertainment world. These esports stars are playing MLBB heroes to be so smart and great and perfectly impressed. The heroes played by esports stars are also popular as esports stars play them often.

However, throughout the 13th season of Mobile Legends that ended yesterday, there are heroes who are gritty pick up dead. Even some of them are heroes, who used to have high popularity and are often used by gamers. Perhaps it’s because of the increasing number of new Mobile Legends heroes who have more power and appear overwhelmed. Below are some Mobile Legends heroes that fall into the weak or low category pick up dead throughout the season 13.



Argus is the first hero to fall into the weak or category pick up dead not just during the 13th season. Even Argus himself started weakening from the middle of Season 11 of Mobile Legends. The reason for this is that Argus’ skills in dealing with new heroes are almost completely useless. In addition, the ultimate move of Argus only needs to be silenced by the opponent until the duration has expired and then performed again.

Rafaela si support angel also weak or pick up dead throughout Season 13 due to its resemblance to Argus. Not only does Rafaela die quickly of some blood, but she is also less reliable about her abilities. Not infrequently, Mobile Legends players who use Rafaela in every game die stupid by the enemy. In fact, there is no need to kill Rafaela Gangbang because only with 1 vs 1 you can definitely win.

Balmond, who used to be a favorite of Mobile Legends gamers, even waned in popularity in season 13. Not really because his skills are not good, but because there are many new heroes who are more powerful. Unfortunately, Mobile Legends players increasingly forget about this hero during Season 13 due to the dominance of banned subscription heroes. Even when used in the game, it is possible that Balmond has advantages for the team.



The handsome fighter Zilong shared the same fate as Balmond throughout the 13th season of Mobile Legends. Even if Zilong Attack speed and damage very useful in team fights or Team fight. Zilong can also be relied on for Thrust tower and counter The phenomenal assassin is Fanny. Unfortunately, Mobile Legends players rarely looked at Zilong’s abilities throughout Season 13 until he became pick up dead.

Layla Mobile Legends

Finally there is Layla, the old school sniper who is also affected by the weak curse or pick up dead in Mobile Legends. Because Layla is weak, isn’t she pick up dead of course because of the appearance of new, cool Marksman like Claude and Hanabi. Additionally, Layla’s skills don’t seem to have any notable advantages or appear to be shallow. Layla can only shoot without other skills like stunning and moving locations, which makes her lose to other marksmen.

Mobile Legends is an esports game which is popular because of its past heroes and the newest heroes. It is unethical for there to be an imbalance in popularity between one hero and another. Hopefully Moonton will deliver polishing on the heroes who pick up dead so that they are as popular again as they used to be. Then what do you think of this dead hero, is he going to be dead or is he going to be popular again?

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