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So you get free pets with us guaranteed effectively

How to get free pets in Among Us – Not only colors, skins and hats can distinguish one character from another in Among Us. Pets can also be one of the traits of the Among Us characters that you play.

If you didn’t know, a pet is a pet to take with you when the game starts.

Pets will always follow where your feet go. That makes a lot of people interested in using pets when the game starts.

Before that, we also discussed how to get free skins. Below us, you can follow these steps to get free or paid skins.

How to get free pets with us
How to get free pets with us

Getting a pet into Among Us is also very easy. In this article, you will learn how to get pets in the Among Us game. Listen carefully so you get the pet you want in Among Us.

Actually, if you want to get a pet in Among Us, you have to make a purchase. Making purchases is a legal way to get in-game pets among us.

How do I get a pet in Unter uns

In addition, buying a pet is also a form of support for the Among Us developers.

How to buy a pet from Among Us:

  1. Enter Among Us, after which you can press the $ button to make an in-game purchase.
  2. Click the pet you want to buy, then press the Rp 43,000 button to make a purchase. All pets in Among Us have the same price, which is Rp. 43.00 per pet.
  3. You will be directed to make payment for the pet. Complete the payment to be able to use the pet of your choice.

How to get free pets among us

Next, we’ll explain how to get a pet on Among Us without spending a dime. This method of getting free pets is quite effective, although it’s illegal and doesn’t benefit Among Us’s developers.

How To Get A Free Pet At Among Us:

  1. In order to have a free pet on Among Us, you will need to download the modified secureNew file. Download the modified secureNew file from
  2. After the download is complete, you can copy the modified secureNew file.
  3. Open the file manager and go to the Android folder> Data> com.innersloth.spacemafia> Files> and then replace the original secureNew file with the modified secureNew file.
  4. After the secureNew file has been replaced, you can immediately open the Among Us game and use the pet you want.

How to get a pet in Among Us. You can choose to buy a pet or use a modified file as we described. So this article is about how to get a pet in Among Us, hopefully it will be useful!

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