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Sky Feather Feature, Mage Special Attack Speed ​​Item | Games – One of the items in the Mobile Legends game is Feather of Heaven. This is a magical item that is widely used by magical heroes. One of the characteristics of this fur item is that it can increase the hero’s attack speed.

Not all hero mages are well compatible with this item, gang. This means that only certain heroes can use Feather of Heaven. He’s not very suitable for a Magic Burst Damage-type hero.

If you look at the basic status, Feather of Heaven gives attack speed. Even if this status is usually held by shooters or battle heroes. But why is the attack speed also on magic items.

It turns out that there are several heroes out there that are very good at using this item, Gang. Because there are some hero mages who need extra attack speed so that their skills can be maximized.

Well, in this article, TeknoGeng will discuss the function of the Sky Feather in a little more detail. Let’s check out the review below.

Base status

Feather of Heaven ML Mushroom Functions

+65 magical power: It’s not too high folks, but if we can make good use of the passive voice, the automatic performance can be even greater.

+ 30% attack speed: With this status, the standard attack hero we use has a fairly high attack speed.

+ 5% movement speed: with this status our agility becomes a little higher.

Unique passive: Ailments

The passive of this sky feather item is will Increases the base attack by 40% of the hero’s magic attack as magic damage. Essentially, your base magic damage increases by 40%.

From this we know that Feather of Heaven is very suitable for heroes who rely on basic attacks rather than skills. Some hero mages are very skill dependent compared to simple attacks.

Suitable for who

It’s clear folks that the Feather of Heaven feature works very well for hero mages who rely on basic attacks. Using this item will drastically increase their attack speed and damage.

Hero warrior magic like Guinevere, Esmeralda, and Silvanna are very good ways to use Feather of Heaven items. Because the three heroes just rely on basic attacks rather than skills. At the very least, they always add basic attacks to their skill combinations.

Another magician who is very good at using the Sky Feather is Zhask. Because this hero relies more on basic attacks from Joni than on skills. The higher the attack speed, the more often the Joni attacks the opponent and is more often stunned.

This sky feather was also a core piece for Zhask. Because with this article it becomes possible to deliver a very high DPS. By using this item, Zhask will also destroy the gang’s tower faster.

Besides Zhask, Harith is also very effective at using Feather of Heaven items. Because Harith is also a hero who relies heavily on basic attacks to maximize him. Using this item is guaranteed to make the basic attack very painful, gang.

For magic assassins, Karina is the most suitable heroine to use Feather of Heaven. Because Karina’s 1st skill increases her base attack damage. Adding this item will make the basic attack even higher.

Best combination

One of the best combinations of Feather of Heaven items is the Calamity Reaper. Because this item is also a compulsory item for hero mages who rely on basic attacks like Karina and Harith.

The hero’s basic attack after using the skill does real damage. This is what the Calamity Reaper does. In combination with Feather of Heaven, the normal attack hero we use causes even higher damage.

Best counters

The best counterattack for Feather of Heaven items is magic defense. Defense items like Athena’s shield, oracle, and Damn helmet was the best counterattack to Feather Heaven. Because these three items reduce the magical damage that users like tanks and fighters receive.

Another item of defense suitable for the Feather of Heaven counter is domination ice. This item reduces the attack speed of nearby heroes by 30%. That way, Feather of Heaven’s attack speed won’t come out.

The Sky Feather is usually placed in the third or fourth slot of the equipment set. Before that, you could buy shoes, Calamity Reaper and Holy Crystal or other items first. After that you buy Feather of Heaven.

This time, that’s the discussion about functions Feather of heaven. Hopefully you guys can get even better after learning about this item, gang. Hopefully it’s useful, lucky push rank and play moderate folks ^^


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