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Skin Starlight Hayabusa: A cool biological weapon

Starlight Hayabusa Skin – Subscribing to a Starlight member in Mobile Legends is very profitable. You can get many benefits with a monthly Starlight membership subscription.

When you become a Starlight member, you will get exclusive skins, lots of test skins and heroes that can be used for leaderboards, free emotes, scared statues, etc.

What Starlight members have been waiting for is an exclusive skin that comes out every month. For the month of July 2021, Starlight members will present the Starlight Hayabusa Biological Weapon.

Hayabusa starlight skin
Hayabusa starlight skin

It is predicted that this skin will make Hayabusa’s hero again widespread in ranked and classic games.

Skin Starlight Hayabusa Biological weapon

Moonton has just released a trailer for the Starlight Hayabusa Biological Weapon Skin on its official Youtube account. Not even a day was published, the trailer managed to take in more than 1.7 million views.

The audience figures for the trailer published by Moonton prove the enthusiasm of Mobile Legends players for the Hayabusa skin, which will be released in July.

Hayabusa Starlight Skin has interesting animasi animasi

Skin Hayabusa Biological Weapon has interesting animation and appearance. The appearance of Hayabusa’s skin tends to be purple with a yellow sword and a yellow scarf.

The animation that Hayabusa has in every skill looks so attractive even with the dominant color yellow.

With cool animations and looks, you’ll be even more excited to use this skin.

Starlight bonus: emote and holy statue Hayabusa

For those of you who subscribe to Starlight Members, you will also get Battle Emote and Sacred Statue. The Battle Emote that you can try for the Starlight period in July 2021 is the Battle Emote Hayabusa We ?? re Done ??.

The fear statue on display is also the sacred statue of Hayabusa, namely the master of ninjutsu.

Starlight in July 2021 is indeed a boon for Hayabusa hero users.

Because Hayabusa users not only receive exclusive skins from their favorite heroes, but also Battle Emotes and Sacred Statues from their favorite heroes.

Enough of this article on Starlight Hayabusa’s skin. Hopefully this article can bring good news for both Starlight members and Hayabusa users.

For those of you who were unable to subscribe to Starlight Members, hopefully you can subscribe in the future so you can try Moonton’s various bonuses.

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