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Skill Analysis in Mobile Legends Benedetta, Hero Assassin with Dash Specialization

The excitement of Mobile Legends doesn’t stop there. Like not, Moonton is set to release a new Mobile Legends hero named Benedetta. You can get this warrior for free or for free. Just register on November 7th and request Benedetta. For those of you who are late, don’t worry as you can buy it in the shop for 32,000 gold or 599 diamonds.

This role-assassin hero is perfect for those of you who quick hand because Benedetta is given a very high degree of mobility. With this mobility capital, Benedetta is also very suitable for one-on-one duels or kidnappings Back line Enemy quickly.

Also, it turns out that Benedetta’s skills are really unique! Let’s operate together.


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Benedetta Mobile Legends hero skills

Elapsed Time of Day (Passive)

passive ability benedetta passive

When Benedetta’s basic attack is blocked, she enters the sword fighting phase and the sword intent bar begins to fill up. When releasing the basic attack button when the Sword Intent is fully charged, Benedetta Swordout will use Slash in the intended direction, dealing physical damage to enemies along the way. Swordout Slash is a type of basic attack with dash / blink skills.

The sword intent bar can also be filled when dealing damage to an enemy unit or hero with skills and simple attacks. What is unique is that this skill has no cooldown and does not consume mana.

This passive skill is not only suitable for attacking, but also for escaping in the midst of battles and duels.

Phantom Cut (Skill 1)

Phantom Slash Skill 1 Benedetta

Phantom Slash is the source of damage for this assassin hero. When skill 1 was activated, Benedetta would take a step back and leave a shadow. The shadow attacks in the form of a fan first, dealing physical damage, and is immediately followed by the original Benedetta attack.

When Shadow damage hits the enemy, it increases the damage the original Benedetta does. Because of this, the downside to this skill is that you need to use Phantom Slash in the right circumstances and positions to maximize damage.

On the other hand, you can use this skill to dodge attacks from enemies. When used correctly, Benedetta will take a step back to avoid the damage and surprise the enemy with a follow-up attack.

An Eye for an Eye (Skill 2)

Ability 2 benedetta

There is no doubt that the damage Benedetta caused is very painful. What about the defense? Well, that second skill is key.

When activating Skill 2, Benedetta raises her weapon to protect herself, receives CC immunity and blocks all damage from different directions for a few seconds.

Does this skill have any harm? The answer is there. However, the damage is rather small compared to other skills. After protecting herself, Benedetta will deal physical damage in the intended direction and have a slow effect.

However, if Benedetta manages to protect herself from CC, she will inflict damage and stun effects (instead of a slowing effect) on the target.

This skill is very flexible and versatile, so it is very important to manage the wombo combo.

Alecto: Final Strike (Skill 3 / Ultimate)

final blow Benedetta Ultimate

Alecto: Final Blow is Benedetta’s ultimate ability. Benedetta grabs Alecto and after a short delay hits all enemies in the intended direction (he cannot take any damage while sprinting). Enemies on the way will be affected by the slowing effect. This skill is at a glance similar to Leomord’s swing skill.

After the sprint, Benedetta Sword activates Intent on the intended path, dealing physical damage to the enemy and giving a slow effect. This skill will be very useful in team fights as it does sustained damage for a while.

Interestingly, using the Ultimate will automatically fill the sword intent bar completely. With the right combination, the resulting damage can be enormous.

Analysis of Hero Benedetta Mobile Legends

What is unique about this hero is that Moonton decides to infuse all of his skills with stroke and blink effects. As a hero assassin, it fits perfectly. One of the combinations that can be used is Passive + S2 + S1. If the enemy hadn’t died either, Benedetta could flee immediately.

Perhaps one of the weaknesses is facing CC heroes. Skill 2 can block a CC effect, but Benedetta will have trouble dealing with multiple CC heroes at the same time.

In its coolest form, the passive voice is an active skill. This hero is for those of you who are good at combos – wombo because it’s easy to make sure the sword intent is still filled. You can also make sure the passive is always filled by holding down the base attack button the entire time. This is very useful for making surprise attacks on opponents without having to use active skills.

This is the skill operation of the warrior who will be present in the Land of Dawn. You can get this hero for free by logging into your Mobile Legends account on November 7th. It’s great, it’s free, don’t miss it!

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