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Simple ways in GTA V. necessary activation to overcome

Simple ways in GTA V.  necessary activation to overcome

Simple ways in GTA V. necessary activation to overcome
– Hey friends, have any of you ever received an error message in the GTA V game? Is the error message like this?

“Activation requires an internet connection and you are currently in offline mode. Your offline activation data could not be loaded. Please check your internet connection and restart Grand Theft Auto V.”

If you ever get the above error message, don’t worry because the method is very simple to solve without using any software. Come on, let’s see the tutorial on how to solve the error message solution in GTA V without software.

For this tutorial, all you need to do is check the Run as administrator setting in your Windows. This tutorial applies to Windows 7, 9 and Windows 10.

1. First, find and open the folder where you are saving the Grand Theft Auto V file.

2. Then look for a file named “GTAVLauncer:” in .exe format, for example like this GTAVLauncer.exe.

3. After you find the .exe file, right click on the file and look for “Properties” (usually at the bottom of the menu).

4. After that, find the “Compatibility” menu, then scroll down and check the word “Run this program as an administrator”.

5. In the final step, click Apply, then click OK.

If the activation message continues, my friend can use this second method which is the Crack V4 software.

1. First download the Crack V4 file [disini]

2. After that, copy the Crack V4 file and paste it into your GTA V file that you are in.

3. Left click on GTAVLauncer.exe, then find the Properties menu and look for the Compatibility menu.

4. Then check “Run this program in compatibility mode for”> Search for Windows Vista (Service Pack 1).

5. Then activate “Run this program as administrator” Click on Apply and then on OK.

6. In the last step, close the properties file and then locate the GTAV file in .exe format and run the file from the “Run as administrator” menu.

7. After that, you can play the GTA V game freely on your Windows.

So the article about 2 Simple ways in GTA 5. necessary activation to overcome. If it’s useful share and subscribe with us, just email it.

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