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Silvanna in Mobile Legends, The Royal Princess Who Decided to Become a Knight

Heroine Silvana. (HiTekno) – Hero Silvanna may still be a new name in the world of Mobile Legends. Called a tough knight who would have thought that behind her toughness, Silvanna was a royal princess.

In the Mobile Legends game, Silvanna is a fighter known for her great skills, which makes her a target for gamers, especially role fighters.

Tell a little about Silvanna, in the world of Mobile Legends, Silvanna is the Crown Princess of the Moniyan kingdom. Unfortunately, his life story changed when his sister suddenly disappeared.

Silvanna’s sister Aurelius II is known to have mysteriously disappeared and shook the entire kingdom. Because of this tragedy, Silvanna then took on a great job as a replacement for the prince.

The imperial knights or groups of knights of the kingdom tried to find the whereabouts of the prince in order to cross the Land of Dawn. However, there is no evidence of the whereabouts of Aurelius II.

Heroine Silvana.  (HiTekno)
Heroine Silvana. (HiTekno)

Long tried to be a medicine for kings and queens, the adult Silvanna then decided to give up her royal position as a royal princess and join the knights of the imperial knights.

Silvanna gave up her position as royal princess and had to undergo grueling training while joining the Imperial Knights. Silvanna was no longer treated like a special princess within the knight group.

Although the training and duties of a knight were tough, Silvanna could slowly become the most powerful of the Imperial Knights.

Heroine Silvana.  (HiTekno)
Heroine Silvana. (HiTekno)

In a fight against the devil, Silvanna shows her skills and leads the kingdom to victory in battle, although Silvanna’s life is at stake in this battle.

That was a short story about the fighter hero Silvanna. Many rumors have it that Silvanna’s sister Aurelius II is Dyrroth, who is the newest hero in Mobile Legends. However, this is not known.