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Shop Deal Mobile Legend APK, Get Cheap Diamonds!

shop deal mobile legend apk – mobile legends is a game that is currently loved by many people, from young children to parents who like this game by moonton.

Moonton has made several recent updates such as: B. adding characters, skins and events. The latest is that Moonton will be releasing Natalia’s new skin called Cyber ​​Specter.

Of course, when playing Mobile Legends games every gamer needs diamonds, items similar to the currency in Mobile Legends game, with diamonds every gamer can get the items they need. like buying characters, skins and so on.

Mobile Legends Shop Offer
Shop Deal Mobile Legend APK Applications

The fairly high price of diamonds is an obstacle for Legends mobile players who don’t have enough money to buy them. The cheapest diamond price that can be bought through Tokopedia is 100,000 rupiah to get 370 diamonds.

Moonton also often holds various promos to be able to purchase this diamond. but that doesn’t happen very often.

For your Mobile Legends players, you can use the Mobile Legends Shop Deal application to get diamonds at great prices.

Diamond price in the Deal Mobile Legend shop

For the diamond ml price list in the Shop Deal Mobile Legends app, friends can see it as follows

500Rp. 1,250
1,750Rp. 12,000
4,790Rp. 22,500
6,800Rp. 45,000
7,612Rp. 72,800

Download the Mobile Legend app from Shop Deal

To get the Shop Deal Mobile Legends APK, you can follow the guide below.

  1. Download the “Shop Deal Mobile Legends” app from this link
  2. Once it’s downloaded, you can go through the installation process.
  3. Open the application and select the diamond to buy.
  4. Then enter the mobile legend player id you have and also your server code.
  5. Next, enter your phone number, which will be used for credit payments.
  6. Click the check mark next to Agree to the terms of this service.
  7. Last click Pay now.

When you’re done, you’ll be taken to the Mobile Legends game. Make sure you have enough cell phone credit.

So this is the guide on how to get the Shop Deal Mobile Legends app, hopefully it will be useful!

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