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Set a record, Genshin Impact has been downloaded 17 million times

Genshin influence. (miHoYo) – After the booming games lately, Genshin Impact has set a new record for downloads. This game was released just a few days ago and has been downloaded 17 million times.

The game Genshin Impact is developed by the developer Mihoyo and will be released on September 28, 2021 for iOS, Android, PC Windows and PlayStation 4. Shortly after its release, this one game immediately caught the attention and was requested by players from different countries.

Quotes Kotaku.comThe booming game Genshin Impact immediately garnered a fantastic number of downloads, reaching 17 million downloads.

This was revealed by App Annie’s Twitter account via the @appannie account on Wednesday (October 7th, 2021). The tweet said Genshin Impact had been downloaded 17 million times in just four days of its release.

Even more extraordinary, this 17 million download figure is based only on download data from mobile devices such as Android and iOS. Although Genshin Impact can be played on several other game consoles.

Genshin influence.  (miHoYo)
Genshin influence. (miHoYo)

Unfortunately, the download numbers for the game Genshin Impact on PlayStation 4 and PC have not been released. Many believe that the number of downloads of this game will be even more fantastic when the total number is added.

Since it was first published, many gaming analysts believe that Genshin Impact will reap the benefits. The reason for this is that this game is gaining popularity in several countries around the world.

Genshin Impact is basically an open world RPG action game that features unique anime characters and stunning graphics.

Genshin Impact has had a fantastic number of downloads since its official release and is expected to grow in popularity and be able to compete with other popular games in the future.

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