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SensiCapa FF V7: You can use it to make headshots effectively

Sensi Capa FF V7 – Sensitivity settings are very important in battle royale games like Free Fire. With good sensitivity, you can easily aim at enemies and do headshots in Free Fire game.

Hence, you shouldn’t underestimate the sensitivity issues in Free Fire.

There is actually a feature in Free Fire that allows players to adjust the sensitivity. However, sometimes it is not enough to just adjust the sensitivity of the Free Fire game.

Some people even need to use sensitivity applications to get a good gaming experience.

Well, this time we’re going to discuss one of the best Free Fire sensitivity applications that can take Auto Headshots. The name of the sensitivity application is Sensi Capa FF V7.

This Sensi Capa FF V7 application has many features that make it easy for you to win.

How to download Sensi Capa FF V7

By using Sensi Capa FF V7, the games you play will run smoother and smoother.

The main function of the Sensi Capa V7 apk is actually to increase the sensitivity of the screen so that the screen can react quickly when you press the buttons.

Sensi Capa FF V7
Sensi Capa FF app

You can download the Sensi Capa V7 application to increase the sensitivity of the phone screen while playing Free Fire. The sensitivity of the Sensi Capa V7 will make it easier for you to target the enemy.

Even a headshot is no longer difficult after using this Sensi Capa V7 apk.

Below is the download link for SensiCapa FF V7 Apk:

How to use SensiCapa FF V7

For those of you who are new to the Sensi Capa FF V7 application, you may be surprised by how it looks.

Because the SensiCapa FF V7 application is only available in Portuguese and does not support Indonesian. This is why many people are confused when trying to use SensiCapa FF V7.

So that you don’t get confused, we present you a tutorial on how to set it up in SensiCapa FF V7. Those of you who are confused can follow the usage of SensiCapa FF V7 which we describe below.

Here are the steps to use the Sensicapa ff v7 application

  1. First, open the Sensi Capa FF V7 application.
  2. First switch off 900x Sensi to 2300x Sensi and then move the 900x Sensi slider to 2300x Sensi to the maximum.
  3. Switch on the Sensibilidade de Emulador and the Sensibilidade de IPhone
  4. Then there are many settings in the Configuracoes Avancadas / Desempenho section that you need to activate.
  5. Then you can activate the Mira Padrao and Controle Total settings in the Selecione Sua Mira area.
  6. In the Remover Travamentos section, you can activate Remover 90% and Remover 100%. Then set Remover 90% and Remover 100% to the maximum level.
  7. Check the Throw Memoria and Throw Cache buttons.
  8. Fill in Coloque Uma DPI to 1400.
  9. In the Sensibilidade Das Miras menu, you can activate Geral, Red Dot, Mira 2x, Mira 4x and Mira Termica. You also need to set all of these settings to the maximum level.
  10. Click the Salvar Em Segundo Plano button, then click the Abbrir Free Fire button.
  11. The setting method is complete, you can now open Free Fire right away to find out the application’s performance

The following are the settings that you need to enable:

  • Entrar Rapido No FF
  • Sensibilidade Aumentar
  • Subir Capa 75%
  • 99% cap
  • Ultra sensitive
  • Dar Capa Igual emulator
  • Menos Lag
  • Mira Nao Passar Da Cabeca 70%
  • Reduced ping 75%
  • Velocidade Do Cursor (setting to maximum level)
  • Travar Na Cabeca 85%
  • Sensi macro
  • Ultra-Sensi (500x)
  • Gelo Rapido 85%
  • CPU resfriar
  • Throw RAM
  • + Movimentacao
  • Ponteiro do Maus Grande
  • Minor errors 90%
  • Dar Capa De Longe
  • Mira Calibrada
  • 100% Hs (setting at maximum level)
  • Velocidade do Ponteiro (setting at maximum level)

Even if the settings are a little complicated, you will not regret the results of this application. Slowly follow how to set the SensiCapa FF V7 above so you don’t get confused. That’s enough information about Sensi Capa FF V7, we hope it will be useful!

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