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Selena's STUN skin, when will it be released? How to get

when will the Selena stun skin be released – Mobile Legends is currently being livened up with a super cute STUN skin. One of the most anticipated STUN skin collections is Selena’s STUN skin.

Many Selena players have been waiting for Selena’s STUN skin.

Do you know when the Selena STUN skin will be released? If you don’t know, this time around you should listen to a special discussion about Selena’s STUN skin.

when is selena numb skin released -
when will selena stun skin be released

Listen carefully to find out when Selena’s STUN skin will be released and how to get it.

When will Selena STUN’s skin be released?

Selena’s skin will be the last STUN skin released among other skins.

As for the other skins, namely Skin Chou which was released on April 27th, 2021 and the STUN Brody skin which was released on May 8th, 2021.

This STUN Selena Skin is very cool because it has a very cool party theme.

The quality of Selena’s STUN skin is guaranteed not to be inferior to the quality of Selena’s Epic skin. Wait a little longer for Moonton’s Selena’s skin to be released in Mobile Legends.

How to get Selena STUN skin

In Mobile Legends there are sometimes skins that can only be obtained by participating in events. But most of the skins in Mobile Legends can be purchased from the shop with diamonds.

This Selena STUN Skin can also be purchased directly in the shop.

You can get Selena’s skin by purchasing it from the MLBB shop. If you would like to receive Selan STUN skin for free, you can take part in the @mobilelegendsfaction raffle.

If you are interested in entering the Selena STUN Skin Contest, you can read the following Instagram post:

How much does Selena STUN skin cost?

This Selena STUN skin is of good quality that is no inferior to the quality of epic skins. Because of this, Moonton has set the Selena STUN skin as the standard price for other epic skins which is 899 diamonds.

You can now prepare diamonds if you want to buy Selena’s STUN skin.

We recommend that you purchase this STUN Selena Skin in the first week after this skin is released. Because during the first week the Selena STUN skin is reduced by 30%, so that the price is 629 diamonds.

For that, it is better to buy this Selena STUN skin if there is a discount in the first week of release.

If you really enjoy playing the heroine Selena, then there is nothing wrong with buying this super cute STUN Selena Skin.

Hopefully what we’re saying may be useful for those of you who are curious about the Selena STUN skin.

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