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Secret Code 9 Antique Treasure Hunter Statue PUBG Mobile

Secret Code 9 Ancient Statue of Treasure Hunters PUBG Mobile – There are still a few days before the Treasure Hunters PUBG event officially ends. This event, which will close on August 6, 2021, must be completed as soon as possible before this event ends.

The treasure hunt event will have 3 areas, each area consisting of 3 locations. There will be a total of 9 ancient statuary locations that you need to find in this global PUBG event.

Finding 9 locations on the statue will give you a gift chest that can be opened every time you successfully open 3 locations on the statue.

Secret code treasure hunter Pubg Mobile
Secret code treasure hunter Pubg Mobile

There is a super cute Mystical Feline outfit set in the gift box.

Secret code treasure hunter PUBG Mobile

You don’t need to be confused if you have not fully completed the Treasure Hunter event by now. Because this time we will help you to end the Treasure Hunter event quickly using a secret code.

By entering the secret code or secret code, you no longer have to search for the location of the ancient statue on the Erangel map.

By simply entering the secret code, you can unlock the location of the ancient statue so that you can also get the Mystical Feline clothing set and other attractive prizes.

How to use the secret code in treasure hunters PUBG

How to use the secret code in Treasure Hunters PUBG Mobile:

  1. First enter the main page of the treasure hunt event.
  2. Press the secret code button in the lower left corner.
  3. Enter the secret code in the column provided, then click OK.
  4. If an error message appears stating that the invitation code has been used three times, you will have to look for a different secret code. Because each secret code can only be used a maximum of 3 times.

List of locations and secret codes of the treasure hunters

We will write down the location and secret code of the nine ancient statues. You can use the following codes right away, before the code we provide is used by other players.

Here is a list of locations and secret codes in Treasure Hunters PUBG:

Location 1: Spawn Island

  • G019875
  • G09AF00A
  • M09A760B
  • T099B7AD

Location 2: stable

  • 65646P
  • W09A7C34
  • U099C393
  • G09AEF83

Location 3: shelter

  • 65646P
  • G09AF078
  • V020922
  • Y09A7E47

Location 4: shooting range

  • OA9A7FFF
  • 9963759M
  • U099DAB8
  • W8089516

Location 5: school

  • 4892914O
  • X09AF09B
  • G099DAAAA
  • G9240807

Location 6: ruins

  • 8093186N
  • K09AF0C6
  • T09A84B2
  • 9241859F

Location 7: hospital

  • V9843749
  • O09A85FF
  • U099EEFB
  • X0A62C6D

Location 8: quarry

  • 988093L
  • Y0A6343D
  • R0A1AF34
  • W099E851

Location 9: ferry terminal

  • E9890016
  • I0A1AF33
  • I0A63C36
  • I099E834

This is the list of locations and secret codes for the nine ancient statues in Treasure Hunters PUBG.

Hopefully you can use the secret code given above for your treasure hunt event to complete. That’s all for today’s article, hopefully it’s useful!

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