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Season 16 Mobile Legends - Rise of the Meta-Assassin Era

At the end of Season 16, Mobile Legends players were surprised by the appearance of the Hyper Carry meta. What is Meta Hyper Carry? Hyper Carry is a meta that focuses on one hero, and usually that hero is Marksman. 4 Pleyr uses 4 Roam items and this gets even crazier when it comes to gold. This meta hyper carry will work because there is a new spell, which is Flame Shoot. If you do your research in the next update, there is going to be a lot of nerf going on for a lot of items in Mobile Legends and it is fair. If we talk to Roam and Hyper Carry, maybe in late March this will be the final point for the Support Hero era. Let’s discuss the next stage in Buff and Nerf’s arrival to Assassin Heroes.

Season 16 Mobile Legends Rise of the Meta Assassin Era

If you remember, Meta Asasin was once overcrowded in the Mobile Legends universe, precisely in Season 5, where Lancelot, Akai, and Kagura were pretty good heroes. And Lancelot is here to become the most opened 1 hit damage assassin for the MM hero.

Season 16 Mobile Legends Rise of the Meta Assassin Era

As you can see, there are 3 heroes who are buffed for the role of the Assassin, namely Nataly, Lancelot and also Hanzo. This hero is rarely used as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of counters in meta support this time around, starting with Molina Nana, Diggie and others.

When you see this change from Mobile Legends, it’s guaranteed that Season 16 will get even crazier. You can just re-enter the meta to replace MM. Or there is a combination of support, MM and assassin, but that is quite common. Of course, there will also be a reduction in damage for MMs who are going to OP from Granger and Bruno.

There are articles that are refined to be even more optimal

Season 16 Mobile Legends Rise of the Meta Assassin Era

Blade, Endless Battle, Twilight and Dominant Ice will be completely redesigned, maybe this is so that there is a balance between the Buffed Assassin and the item. For season 16, it definitely gets crazier whether the meta-support turns into OP or just a speck of dust when the assassin returns OP.

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