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Scheduled to be released in May, this is the Leaked Hero and New Skin for Mobile Legends

Illustration of the new Mobile Legends hero Phoveus. (YouTube / NEON games) – Mobile Legends got a new tank hero named Gloo in mid-April. A leak from a gaming leaker claims a slew of new skins are coming to Mobile Legends in May, as well as a free hero.

If this leak is true, players won’t have to spend up to 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

The prediction came from the MLBB Gaming Leaker account @dafrixkun on Instagram. There are two interesting things, namely Phoveus is speculated to be a free hero in Event 515 and a new event that will partner with Star Wars.

Rumors of a collaboration between Mobile Legends and Star Wars have surfaced since February last year. It’s pretty interesting whether or not they’ll be showing it to fans anytime soon.

Two heroes who are predicted to get skins are Argus and Cyclops. Hero Fighter Argus will receive the Star Wars collaboration skin “Darth Vader”, while Mage Cyclops will receive the “Master Yoda” collaboration skin.

Leaked new skins and heroes in Mobile Legends.  (Instagram / dafrixkun)
Leaked new skins and heroes in Mobile Legends. (Instagram / dafrixkun)

The @dafrixkun account leaked that this collaborative event was only held in multiple regions including Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, Timor Leste and Japan.

The following is a leak regarding the “run down” skin and new Mobile Legends heroes in May and early June 2021 based on information from @dafrixkun:

  • May 1st – Yi Sun Shin “Azure Sentry” Starlight
  • May 5 – Yu Zhong “Blood Snake” collector
  • May 8th – Brody “STUN Brody” Limited 899
  • May 11th – Phoveus Free 515 New Hero
  • May 13 – Mathilda’s Elite Skin
  • May 15 – Selena “STUN Selena” Limited 899
  • May 15th – Harith “Fashion Expert” Free 515 Skin
  • May 21st – Selena “Gemini – Shadow” Zodiac encore
  • May 21 – Karina “Gemini – Hello” Zodiac encore 899
  • May 22nd – Argus “Darth Vader” Star Wars Collab
  • May 22nd – Cyclops “Master Yoda” Star Wars Collab
  • May 24th – Baxia’s special skin
  • June 1st – Jawhead “Candy Bear” starlight skin

Leaked new skins and heroes in Mobile Legends.  (Instagram / dafrixkun)
Leaked new skins and heroes in Mobile Legends. (Instagram / dafrixkun)

For information, the new hero Phoveous has been on the Advanced Server since last March. Phoveous is a fighter hero who specializes in chase / control with an interesting ultimate combo.

His demonic power allows Phoveous Mobile Legends to wink at the enemy instantly. This is still just a leak, so we’ll have to wait for the next teaser or information from Moonton regarding the skins, new heroes and also the new event above.