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Saudi Arabia Blocks Free Fires? Check the facts here

Saudi Arabia Blocks Free Fire – As one of the most popular mobile games in the world, the Free Fire game has a lot of users. While it can pique the interest of people all over the world, this game will surely be powerless if blocked by the government.

Government blocking of Free Fire can be done in one country. Especially in a country that has strict rules against Internet use.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that has a pretty strict internet usage protocol. You cannot access websites with prohibited topics in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia blocks free fire
Saudi Arabia blocks free fire

Then what about the fate of online games with violent content like Free Fire? Additionally, news has also been circulating lately that the government of Saudi Arabia has blocked free fire from their country. Well, we are going to explain whether the news is true or not so that there is no more misunderstanding.

Saudi Arabia Blocks Free Fire: Hoax or Fact?

The news about the blocking of Free Fire in Saudi Arabia came from the distribution of screenshots by the news channel CNN. The CNN News screenshot states that Saudi Arabia blocked Free Fire because it inspired Dajjal’s worship.

In fact, there is absolutely no activity in Free Fire that suggests the worship of Dajjal.

Once verified, the screenshot appears to be an edited screenshot. I have never found a CNN article that has a title like the one in the screenshot.

So it is certain that the news of the blocking of Free Fire in Saudi Arabia is a hoax.

Saudi Arabia blocked games

Although Saudi Arabia isn’t blocking Free Fire, it appears that there are some video games that are being blocked by Saudi Arabia. In 2021 alone, 47 video games were banned in Saudi Arabia. This lockdown started with a suicide case committed by two young children over playing the Blue Whale Challenge game.

Because of this, Saudi Arabia has decided to block 47 games with extremely violent content. Popular games like God of War, GTA V, Resident Evil Series, Wolfenstein II and Attack of Titan 2 have also been targeted by the Saudi Arabian government.

The government of Saudi Arabia will not hesitate to block games that have a negative impact on its citizens.

This is the article about Saudi Arabia Blocking Free Fire. Hopefully this information will be useful and clear up the hoax about the blocking of Free Fire in Saudi Arabia.

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