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Rush Macro FF: how to download it and settings

Rush Macro FF – When you play Free Fire, you will face dozens of formidable enemies. It’s not an easy thing to be the last person to survive in the Free Fire battle arena.

As a result, a lot of people are now using cheats to make it easier to win in Free Fire.

Those of you who are finding it difficult to get Booyah on Free Fire can join in with cheats to make winning easier, one of the cheats you can use is the Rush Macro FF Cheat.

Rush macro FF
Rush Macro Free Fire

This Rush Macro Cheat is one of the most famous, easiest and very useful cheats.

If you are interested you can download this Rush Macro Cheat.

We will help you by providing you with various information about the rush macro cheat, including how to download the rush macro cheat

So read carefully to learn more about Rush Macro Free Fire.

Rush macro FF

There are many cheat functions that you can find in this Rush Macro application. There is an automatic headshot feature that can make it easier for you to fire a headshot at the enemy.

In addition, Rush Macro Free Fire also has aimot function, screen smoothing and other very useful features.

How to download Rush Macro Free Fire

Downloading the Rush Macro Free Fire Cheat application is very easy. To download Rush Macro Apk, you can click the link below:

After visiting the Mediafire download site, you can press the blue download button to download Rush Macro.

The size of the Rush Macro Free Free Cheat application is also only 2.29MB so it doesn’t take up much space.

How to install Rush Macro Free Fire

If you downloaded the Rush Macro application, you can install it right away. To install the Rush Macro Free Fire application:

  1. If you want to install Rush Macro, you need to allow installation settings from unknown sources.
  2. To enable these settings, you can open Settings> then go to the Security menu> and then enable the Unknown Sources setting.
  3. Extract the downloaded Macro Free Fire application file using an archiving application such as ZArchiver. If you don’t have the ZArchiver application, you can immediately go to the Google Play Store to download it.
  4. Once extracted, you can open the Rush Macro Free Fire file to install it.

Once you’ve installed Rush Macro, you’ll need to set up the cheat application. You can freely determine the desired cheat settings in Rush Macro Free Fire.

How to Set Rush Macro Free Fire

If you are still confused on how to set it, you can follow the Rush macro setting cherry below:

  1. Open the Rush Macro Free Fire application that is already installed on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter 2500 in the Your Favorite Sensibilidade field and then click the Apply Sensiblade button.
  3. Activate the buttons Max Sensibilidade and Melhorar Sensibilidade.
  4. Fill in the Your Favorite DPI field with 750 and then click the Apply DPI button.
  5. Then enable all Sensi ++ settings and then press the Open Free Fire button.
  6. The rush macro setup is complete and you can start playing the Free Fire game right away.

This is the most complete information we can present about Rush Macro Free Fire.

Hopefully this discussion about Rush Macro FF can make using the Rush Macro cheat easier for you. That’s all we can say about Rush Macro Free Fire, hopefully it’s useful!

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