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Ruok FF Auto Headshot Settings on Free Fire, Here's How!

League game fans have heard of it Ruok FF? Well, that name shocked the world of Free Fire because of its automatic headshot and abilities with almost unreasonable accuracy. Ruok FF is getting more and more shocking as this setting is also used in competitive scenes. It is natural for teams to protest against players who have high aim, sensitivity and automatic headshots! Okay so How exactly is Ruok FF Auto Do heatshots work?

Ruok FF auto headshot

Firstly, Ruok FF is not the name of the cheat or the application modification of the cheat, it is the creator of the content Free fire origin Thailand who are also famous Free Fire professionals. Initially, a lot of media outlets mentioned that Ruok was using cheats so it was easy to get headshots, so many were looking for the cheats he was using. The cheat used is able to hit a shot on the head, so that the opponent dies with only one bullet.

How to Fix Headshoot Free Fire ruok 5a3ed

So now we understand the origin of the name Ruok FF. But we’re more curious, is Ruok’s ability really the result of a cheat? If yes how? Or has he legally made certain settings in the Free Fire game settings?

Ruok FF with FF Sensibilidade Cheats?
During the first search it was found that Ruok had used a cheat called Sensibilidade FF. This cheat is actually very well known and is often used by Free Fire players. In the following research, however, it turns out that the auto headshot sensitivity of Ruok FF can actually be adjusted by the player, i.e. without a cheat!

Ruok Free Fire Response acad1

FF Ruok sensitivity

This is the focus and key of Ruok FF. Sensitivity is the degree of how easy it is to move the target in Free Fire (FF). With this setting, FF players can get headshots like Ruok more easily and without any cheats! Curious? Here’s how!

FF Ruok sensitivity settings

Look around: 91 (you can set over 85 but our suggestion is 91)
Red dot sight: 60
2x scope: 55
4x scope: 55
AWM area: 20
Try following the sensitivity settings above so you are guaranteed to be able to do auto headshots like Ruok FF even without cheats.

sensitivity ruok ff auto headshot d5938

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Advantages of FF Ruok Sensitivity

That being said, Ruok FF’s sensitivity adjustment actually has benefits, you know! What are the advantages? Skuy, see the explanation below:

  • Your attacks will be more accurate and targeted
  • Bullets spread regularly, making it easier for you to kill enemies
  • Suitable for different situations
  • Recoil of shots so that it is not too pronounced
  • Still okay when lying down

Well, those are a few facts about Ruok FF and its benefits. Now league game friends know and can try following the settings to hunt Booyah!

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