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Riot releases new hero teaser League of Legends: Gwen

Riot Games has revealed the latest teaser for League of Legends heroes. In the trailer with the title “Made with love“There is a female character named Gwen whose origins are related to Viego, the hero released in January 2021.

Fans have been waiting for a new League of Legends hero for a long time. Previously, many predicted that the next hero would be Isolde, a character who appeared in Viego lore. Isolde plays an unexpectedly large role in the plot of Viego, The Ruined King. Isolde is Viego’s wife, but not many other facts are known about her as they have not been confirmed by Riot. All that is known is that Isolde had died and was a seamstress when Viego fell in love with her and decided to make her his queen.

While fans and players are waiting for Isolde, Riot appears to have introduced Gwen, who is described as a doll made by Isolde. Isolde can be seen in the trailer sewing the Gwen doll, but in the next scene Isolde dies and her soul is torn apart. This is most likely when Viego becomes The Ruined King, before one of his blue souls wanders off and finds the doll and gives him life.

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The description of the trailer implies that Isolde’s soul found the doll after her death, but it’s unclear whether Gwen is currently obsessed with Isolde herself.

In the end, Gwen’s figure will not be shown in full either, and only a short silhouette at the end of the trailer, but she will take on the AP champion role in the top lane. Riot has yet to provide a number of equipment and construction items and fans are still looking forward to the continuation of the story about Gwen and her relationship with Viego.

Gwen League of Legends 9a0b3

Is that how Gwen sees the crack?

Viego The Ruined King is the main theme in season 11 of League of Legends. His presence shook the entire Runettera and spread fear and anger to Noxus, Demacia, and Ionia. Each champion from the region tried their best to defend themselves against the threat of destruction.
When the launch of Viego was accompanied by the major events Legends of Runeterra and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. So wait for the event and find out more about Gwen as the next newest hero.

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