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Reward – There is a website called Reward ff that says they can claim various items in open fire for free. These items include weapons, clothing, shoes, and others.

Free Fire is indeed a game that is currently being loved by gamers from young people to adults who play this game by Garena. Undoubtedly, those who are fanatical of this ff game can buy various items with diamonds.

Of course, this diamond is not available for free, but must be topped up or paid for first.
Reward from

the price starts from cheap to expensive depending on what we want to buy.

ff rewards page

Lately there is a website called reward ff that claims to be able to make various items for free that can be obtained without issuing a single diamond.

If we as normal people were happy with this site that we could get free gift items for free without spending a dime.

but it’s also good that we have to ask ourselves whether a site like can really produce articles for free?

So we will discuss it here Really Free Article Producer?

When we open this page, on the first page we are presented with various prices as shown below, there are clothes, shoes and even weapons that we can freely choose from the wild. website

Clicking Grab will take you to the next page, which is a button option Registration. Now when you click the button, you will be presented with a Facebook login screen, starting with entering your email address and password.

Whatever it is not correct, it will be displayed as close as possible to the Facebook login page for users to enter their email address and password.

After the user signs in, your email address and password will be used and the fate of your Facebook account may be lost.

Reward ff is a phishing site

The bottom line is that this site is phishing. For those of you who have not tried this site before, undo your intention to get free articles through this rewards site.

The surefire way is to top up diamonds through websites that legally sell diamond-free fire.

to make your account more secure and tampered with by irresponsible people

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