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Redeem FF Katana Code 2021, hurry up!

FF Katana Redemption Code 2021 – One of the very popular features in Free Fire among gamers is the redemption feature. This feature allows you to exchange redemption codes for various interesting items.

There are many redemption codes that you can find in Free Fire that can be exchanged for great prizes.

This time we will also be sharing a Free Fire redemption code that you can exchange for weapon skins. The weapon skin we mean here is the Katana Kendoka weapon skin. This very cool katana skin is very interesting to wear and try out.

Redeem FF Katana code 2021
Redeem FF Katana code 2021

You have to try this super cool katana kendoka skin. For those of you who don’t have the Katana Kendoka skin, you can enter the redemption code we’re describing this time.

Redeem Free Fire Katana Kendoka Code

Katana Kendoka is a skin from a very cool katana weapon. This time we are going to share four different redemption codes that you can use to get this Katana Kendoka skin.

There are four redemption codes that you can exchange with the Katana Kendoka, namely

  • PEFF IG45 TY04
  • PHFG Q163 PQAZ
  • AP9I NCSE 812L

You can enter any of the four redemption codes to receive the Katana Kendoka skin.

You can use the redemption code above immediately before the codes expire. In addition, the above codes can only be entered once in the same account. So you cannot enter these codes repeatedly in the same account.

How to redeem the redemption code

Exchanging the Free Fire Katana Kendoka redemption code is very easy. To exchange the redemption code for a Kendoka Katana skin:

  1. Visit the official link to redeem codes from Garena at
  2. Select the social media associated with your Free Fire account, then enter your username and password to sign in.
  3. After you have signed in with a Free Fire account, you can enter one of the four codes written above.
  4. After that, all you have to do is press the confirmation button and then wait for the website to process your redemption code.
  5. When you see a notification that the gift redemption or exchange was successful, you can wait 5 to 30 minutes for the price to appear in your in-game email.

This is how you can exchange the latest redemption code for the Katana Kendoka skin.

Quickly enter the redemption code written above before the code expires. That’s all for the article about collecting the latest Free Fire redemption codes. Might be useful!

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