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Redeem Code Genshin Impact in January 2021, get free Primogems!

Ganyu – Genshin impact. (miHoYo) – Don’t miss out on getting free Primogems by redeeming this Genshin Impact January 2021 redemption code. Obviously, claim your prize right away to add more gacha.

After miHoYo released an update 1.2 yesterday, it was time to release several redemption codes with attractive prices. Of course there are also free Primogems.

But remember that there is only a limited time to redeem the prize from the Genshin Impact redemption code in January 2021. If it can no longer be claimed, it will have expired.

And this redemption code can only be used once if you have already exchanged it. Then you will not be given the same code again, although you can exchange it.

For January 2021 you can redeem the following code:

The redemption code Genshin Impact gives you 30 Primogems and 5 Adventurer’e EXP. Not bad for adding gacha crushing ganyu and for leveling up your character.

Genshin Impact Character - Ganyu.  (miHoYo)
Genshin Impact Character – Ganyu. (miHoYo)

Don’t forget to exchange the previous codes shared by miHoYo in addition to the redemption code. Who knows, you’ve missed something you’ve never exchanged. There are others here.

  • eATDgIXLD56
  • Cuupmbjsvd
  • GSMPTQ125

But remember, if the Genshin Impact redemption code doesn’t get a prize in January 2021, it is a sign that it has expired or you have already claimed it.

How do I then exchange this code to receive the prize item? You can redeem it through a dedicated page at the address:

Don’t forget to log in first to be able to redeem, then select the server and make sure the character nickname you are using is correct. Enter the code in the Redemption Code field and click Redeem.

Redeem Code Genshin Impact.  (
Redeem Code Genshin Impact. (

A notification then appears as to whether the code entered is correct or no longer valid. If successful, then just log in and log into the game.

If the in-game Genshin Impact redemption code you entered is correct and still valid, you will receive a message in your inbox. Just take the price.

That’s the Redeem Code Genshin Impact January 2021, it’s pretty good to get free Primogems from miHoYo. You can add more to draw Ganyu’s gacha. Complain immediately before the time runs out.

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